About Us

Dietpillcritic.com was started after we began to see many diet pill companies popping up and starting to take advantage of many unsuspecting consumers. The incredible ease of producing a dietary supplement nowadays has allowed virtually any fly-by-night company (small or large) to begin mass production and distribution of just about anything they wanted. This ease of entry, together with the insanely large margins of the industry, makes this a prime market for anyone trying to make a quick (and a big) buck. Not surprisingly, many of these companies have started using shady tactics to sell their product to the masses.

Our goal is to expose the companies that use these sketchy tactics in hopes that we can help the end consumer. Whether you’ve been warned of a dangerous product, avoid a scam, find a better product, or simply avoid paying too much, we hope that the reviews on dietpillcritic.com will have benefited you in one way or another.

If you have questions or comments about or site, please feel free to email us at admin@dietpillcritic.com. If there is a product you would like to see reviewed, send an email to reviews@dietpillcritic.com. We will try to respond to all inquiries as soon as possible.

Commonly Used Tricks

To be frank, most of the diet pills on the market are nothing but junk. And we try to call them on it. The following is a list of common tricks used by shady diet pills that you should keep an eye out for:


  • They use a proprietary blend in which they don’t disclose the amounts of each ingredient in the diet pill. They can then list the ingredient (often a quality ingredient) on the label and then put minuscule amounts in the actual pill. This is very common. It is very rare that we will recommend a pill that uses a proprietary blend unless the amount of the proprietary blend is very, very large or all other factors point to them being reputable.
  • They use worthless ingredients and hype them up so people think they are good (hoodia comes to mind). Or they may provide a list of ingredients a mile long to try to add credibility, when in fact the amounts of each ingredient are so small that it wouldn’t do any good.


  • Fake before and after photos are common and easy to spot if you pay attention.
  • Testimonials are easily fabricated so we don’t put much stock in them.
  • Beware of hyped up sales pitches. If it’s too good to be true…it usually is.
  • Companies will often quote studies to support their product but they don’t cite the references of such sources. Or they cite research on an ingredient, and claim that it is research on their actual product.
  • Some companies have run into legal trouble with the FTC, etc. We are sure to point that out when we see it.
  • Some companies have an autoship program in which you sign up and they automatically send you new pills every month and charge your card. In almost all cases this is done in an extremely shady way (hiding the details in their “terms and conditions”). It’s often difficult to cancel. Take caution as they’ll sometimes lead you into it by offering a free trial period and then automatically enroll you.

Finding the Good Amongst the Bad

Are all diet pills on the market rip offs? Of course not. While quality diet pills are few in number, they definitely do exist. While reviewing we’ll sometimes come accross one who does have proven ingredients at the right amounts, engages in honest and striaghtforward marketing, is priced reasonably, and is backed by a good guarantee. Since this doesn’t happen often, we try to point these supplements out for you. We do the sifting so you don’t have to.

Do We Profit From The Website?

We do. Click here to find out more.

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Another ingredient, Irvingia Gabonensis, can not only make you thinner, but can actually improve your leptin sensitivity; making it easier to keep the weight off. Even though Abidexin's ingredients are powerful, they are also all-natural and have been found to have little-to-no negative side effects. With a full money back guarantee and many satisfied customers, it's no wonder why Abidexin is our most recommended product! Read More...

#2 Consumers' Choice - Phenphedrine

Phenphedrine is the strongest diet pill around! It's one of the only products we have ever reviewed that not only surpassed the weight loss results of the banned Fen-Phen, but is also legal and extremely safe. The only reason it is not our #1 diet pill is because Apidextra is a bit more affordable.

Phenphedrine is ideal for someone who wants a diet pill/fat burner that contains some of the best ingredients available and is backed by a money back satisfaction guarantee. The price is great and you can't go wrong with their lifetime guarantee. We say give Phenphedrine a try. Two thumbs up! Read More...

Do Diet Pills Work?: Get to Know the Basics

New statistics are showing that one in five women admit to taking some form of diet pill to help them lose weight, and over the past several years, the use of diet pills has nearly tripled in women between the ages of 19-20.

This growing trend yet another reason why the diet pill industry is grossing billions of dollars each year, and considering the fact that obesity is on the rise, it’s no wonder that millions of manufacturers worldwide are trying to get a piece of the pie.

Yet for all their amazing promises to help you “lose weight fast” or “shed those stubborn pounds” or “target fat,” do diet pills work? Can they really deliver that quick-fix you need to fit into a smaller pant size? Or it all just hype?

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of diet pills and what they have to offer.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are by far the most reliable type of diet pill in the industry. Although they tend to be more expensive and it may be difficult to acquire a prescription, prescription diet pills are often backed with years of medical research and are carefully regulated by the FDA.

However, only individuals who have a BMI of 30 or more tend to qualify for these prescription medications, as it often requires long-term treatment rather than a quick fix.

But just because they’re prescription, doesn’t mean that just anyone can use them safely. Although side effects tend to be fairly mild, many prescription diet pills need to be carefully monitored by a doctor. Many of the ingredients inside diet pills are labeled, “controlled substances” because they pose the risk of addiction.

Over the Counter

Unlike prescription drugs, you can obtain over the counter diet pills without the need for a prescription. They’re available in local drugstores and super markets, and they’re also regulated by the FDA.

Many diet pill manufacturers make over-the-top claims about the products, and though some may help you lose weight, very few can actually give you the weight loss results you’re looking for, and the risks might not be worth it.

“Products considered by FDA to be over-the-counter weight control drugs are primarily those containing the active ingredient phenylpropanolamine (PPA),” explains Anne Collins, nutritionist and weight loss consultant.

Recent evidence has shown that PPA is linked to an increased risk of stroke and the FDA recently required many over the counter product manufacturers to reformulate these diet pills due to the potential side effects.

Herbal/Dietary Supplements

Herbal supplements, on the other hand, follow a different set of rules and regulations than prescription medications and over the counter products.

They do not require FDA approval, and they don’t have to undergo years of testing and study before being released to the public. Just because a formula claims to be herbal or “all-natural” doesn’t guarantee its safety.

Then again, these types of diet pills tend to be more affordable than prescription or over the counter formulas, and if you’re looking to lose weight on a budget, then they might be what you need to get started.

Most herbal supplements use ingredients such as caffeine to increase energy levels or glucomannan (a fiber) to suppress appetite, and there are plenty of studies that validate their effectiveness. The key is to do a little research before investing in a diet pill to ensure that you get the right blend of ingredients in the right concentrations, otherwise they won’t work.

What’s Right for You?

This leads us back to our original question, do diet pills work?

Yes and no.

Unfortunately there is no magic bullet or miracle pill that provide reliable results for every single person. Your genetics, your lifestyle, your age, and various other factors play a key role in how your body responds to the different ingredients and supplements. What works for one person might not necessarily work for you.

If you can find a safe and effective diet pill, such as the ones listed on this site, then you can potentially lose more weight than dieting and exercise alone. Whether you decide to go for a prescription pill or risk it with a dietary supplement, diet pills can in fact be effective tools for weight loss.

On the other hand, diet pills pose a certain risk to your health, so you’ll definitely want to exercise caution and consult your physician before deciding which one is right for you.