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Abdominal CutsAbdominal Cuts is designed to help you lose weight; particularly in the abdominal area. Made by Revolution Lifestyle, this diet pill contains “a wide array of healthy oils that assist with body-fat reduction…healthy metabolism, antioxidant supply and anti-inflammatory assistance.”

Abdominal Cuts takes a different approach than the leading diet pill Apidextra. However, both products are supposed to ultimately help users lose weight.

My goal is to see how Abdominal Cuts compares to Apidextra; in terms of safety, effectiveness, and value. Can Abdominal Cuts really help you lose weight? Does it rank with the best diet pills?

You can get answers to these questions by reading this review or watching the video review.

Abdominal Cuts Video Review

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The Formula

These are the ingredients and doses listed on the supplement label for Abdominal Cuts:

• Safflower Oil (80% CLA) – 500 mg
• Omega 3 Fish Oil (EPA & DHA) – 150 mg
• Borage Oil (20% GLA) – 75 mg
• Flax Seed Oil (50% ALA) – 50 mg
• Sesame Seed Oil – 25 mg
• Vitamin E – 6.7 mg

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) – May help burn fat, preserve muscle, and reduce cholesterol.

Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) – Commonly used in the treatment of depression, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Although it may not directly influence weight loss, it helps treat health conditions experienced by people who are overweight.

Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) – Studies show that it may help promote weight loss; especially when combined with CLA.

Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) – Has anti-inflammatory properties and has been used to treat arthritis, diabetes, allergies, and high blood pressure. However, it is not proven to promote weight loss.

Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA) – Some studies show that it promotes weight loss, but in others it has led to weight gain.

Sesame Oil – High in antioxidants. It may be able to help burn fat and prevent muscle from being broken down as a result of dieting.

Vitamin E – An antioxidant that helps regulate cholesterol and fortify cell membranes. It may help preserve muscles during weight loss.

Clinical Research

The official website mentions clinical studies, but it doesn’t specify studies are being referred to. I was able to find several studies on CLA, EPA, and DHA. However, researchers in one of the studies I reviewed said that these ingredients have only been proven to reduce obesity in animals. Their effects on humans are limited.

Sesame oil has also been tested and proven to promote fat burning in animals; but it has not been tested on humans. GLA is not supported by weight loss studies, and studies of ALA are not conclusive.

In contrast, Apidextra has four ingredients which have been clinically tested and proven to help burn fat and suppress appetite. I rarely see the ingredients in Abdominal Cuts used, but Apidextra’s ingredients are very popular because they’re known for being effective.

Side Effects

Because it has all-natural, healthy oils in its formula, Abdominal Cuts should be a safe product. However, I did find user reports of side effects, which seemed to be caused by the large doses used.

Common side effects mentioned by users are:

• Loose Stools
• Gas
• Upset Stomach

These side effects were not experienced by most Abdominal Cuts users; and most users who reported them said the side effects eventually went away. Apidextra is also known for being safe; and serious, long-lasting side effects are rarely reported.

Customer Ratings

Abdominal Cuts received an average rating of 3.6 stars out of 5, from more than 140 customer reviews that I found online. Seventy-six percent of the people who rated it said they would recommend it to others.

This rating is above average; however, it’s not the rating I see top-rated diet pills like Apidextra receive.

Mostly, users gave Abdominal Cuts low ratings because it was ineffective or worked slowly. They rated it positively because it didn’t cause side effects and was effective.

Suggested Use

If you’re first starting to use Abdominal Cuts, you probably shouldn’t take the full recommended dose, which is 6-9 capsules a day.

I suggest taking 1 capsule with each of your three meals for 3 capsules a day. Do this for a few days and then gradually increase your doses until you’re taking 2-3 capsules, with each meal.

As is the case with all diet pills, including Apidextra, you’ll get the best results from Abdominal Cuts if you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly while using it. Weight loss experts also recommend cutting up to 500 calories from your daily diet.

Buying Abdominal Cuts

If you buy Abdominal Cuts from the official website, one bottle (120 capsules) costs $39.99. The company does ship internationally, but they don’t offer a money back guarantee.

If you buy Abdominal Cuts from GNC.com, the price is the same, but they do have a return policy. Unfortunately, it only covers products that have been unopened and unused.

By taking 6-9 capsules of Abdominal Cuts a day, each bottle will last for 13-20 days; which means you’ll need at least 1.5 bottles to get a month supply ($59.98). This makes Abdominal Cuts pricier than most diet pills I’ve seen. For example, a month supply of Apidextra costs $49.95.

Should You Buy Abdominal Cuts?

I like the idea of using healthy oils to promote weight loss. Unfortunately, none of the oils in Abdominal Cuts have been clinically proven to boost metabolism, reduce hunger, and burn fat in humans. This being the case, I don’t recommend buying Abdominal Cuts because I don’t think you’ll get your money’s worth from it.

A better option that I do recommend is Apidextra. It has clinically proven, safe ingredients; a 90-day 100% money back guarantee; and a lower price.

If you’ve tried Abdominal Cuts, feel free to share your opinion of it or your experience below.

37 Abdominal Cuts Reviews

  1. Ashlyn's Review

    I have taken this product for almost 4 months and I can honestly say it works. You need to exercise, but it does help.

  2. sandra's Review

    i just started on the abdominal cuts supplement and i must say i am happy with it so far. it cut my appetite. not only am i not as hungry as often but i find myself unable to finish the amt of food i had been eating. for example the other day i ordered a sandwich and before i was half way done with the sandwich i was full. my cravings are gone. i have only been taking the pills one week today so i am sure this will help aid in weight loss. i cant wait to see the results in a months time.

  3. Linda's Review

    Well, I just started taking abdominal cuts yesterday…I’m not really so much over weight as I am flabby….so I’m going to curves also…..I’m hoping to see results in about a week..at least I hope..I will check back in to let you know my progress.

    • KASEY 0211's Review


    • Lyn's Review

      I attend Curves and have just started on Abdominal Cuts. Would be interested to know your progress.

  4. Jennifer's Review

    I have been taking this product for about 3-4 weeks now and I can honestly say that it works! I only take 1 pill in am and one with lunch and I have had many people tell me they notice a weight loss. I lift pretty heavy so my weight had only gone down by 5-7 pounds, but the inches are melting away. I originally lost 40 pounds a couple years ago and have been working hard to get the last 15 pounds off. I beleive this product will do the trick! I noticed right away I was going to the bathroom often and my stomach was starting to flatten. I can now wear cute tops with a belt and not have my “love handles” hanging over the side! I love it!

  5. brian's Review

    well, ive been using abdominal cuts for about 2 weeks now, combined with a on and off diet (i tried, honestly, but working in fast food makes cheating sooo easy.)and exersise, and i must say i was so pleased with the results that i purchased another bottle, i worked my abs almost every day and i started to notice a difference as soon as day 4, i followed the directions 1-2 capsules with a meal. and i also decided that if i was gonna eat junkfood or cake i would take 3 capsules with it (as 3 capsules is 1 serving.) anyways like i was saying, i started out with a layer of flab covering my abs to a point where they were not very vissable, now all my upper abs are visable and im starting to see the lower ones!! (this is probably because its easyer to work upper abs..at least for me.

    well, keep up the good work, and ill keep using your product (by the way, this stuff works soooooo much better then hydroxycut…at least it did for me!!

  6. margui's Review

    i started the abdominal cuts green…but when i took my first pill…a few minutes later i felt an abdominal pain and it scared me….i need to know if that kind of pills produces abdominal pains.

    • Bratygrlie's Review

      I also started taking the regular ones, but my stomach has been hurting since. Will this go away?

    • Jacqueline Leady's Review

      It’s most likely the side effect of constipation…

  7. kenley's Review

    I am really interested in trying Ab Cuts. . . . . .I am thinking about ordering it but, i hope it really works.

  8. evone's Review

    I just want to know if you take abdominal cuts…do you have to stick with it in order to keep seeing results or is it one of those diet supplements that once you get off it you’ll gain everything back I recently had just gained bout 5 pounds but all in my stomach area which I had a flat stomach but now it’s not how I want it to be…and it’s upsetting me…so if someone can answer this question it would mean a lot to me. thank you,

  9. Sarah's Review

    I am just about to finish my first bottle of abdominal cuts. I would have to say overall i really do believe this product is working, i do not know whether its a placebo effect or not, but i do not care as long as I see results. I haven’t really lost that much weight as far as pounds are concerned, I’d say probably between 3-6 pounds, but I have noticed that my shape looks different and my clothes are fitting better, so something must be going right. I have had some digestive problems over the years and I have noticed that this product helps clean my system out and I now have a healthier digestive system (maybe this is where the weight loss comes from?). Anyway I will be purchasing another bottle right away. I have spoken to others who have tried this product and they say you see more results once you begin the second bottle. I am anxious to see what happens. I will also mention that in the past I have tried every diet pill possible, you name it and I have tried it, and I prefer this product to any of them. There are no side effects that I have noticed such as shaking, sweating, and that overall jumpy feeling you get from the other diet pills. I will let you all know what happens once I get further in to my second month.

  10. LESLIE YOUNG's Review

    send me some abdominal pills right away.! thank you very much.

  11. Keola's Review

    I really wanna try but I really want abs

  12. COOL_JACK's Review

    Many People noticed my weight loss.. its effective for me.. combined with exercise and proper nutrition, this is one of a kind. Side Effects?.. I don’t think so coz i’ve been to other products also before.. Good luck y’all!

  13. shauda's Review

    well ive been using abdominal cuts for a week and i actually gained a pound…im getting a little nervous. i work out daily, changed my eating habits, cut my sugar intake i dont even drink juice or soda anymore…im gonna give it a full month and see…

    • Swyscaver's Review

      Just a thought… you may be gaining muscle? Sometimes it is best to stay away from the scale for a while, because it can play tricks on you. Muscle weighs more than fat, so that is something to take that into consideration. Good luck :)

    • Ggarcia96's Review

      That might work good luck

    • Mystrylady's Review

      It might just be water retention. We can retain up to 10lbs of water weight.

    • Natalytorres89's Review

      you probably gain weight because you cut the sugar very sudden so your body saves extra fat from your food ’cause he tinks that you are starving so you should reduce the consume but not cut it at all good luck

  14. Salemafarmer's Review

    Well today is day one for me with myab cuts, I purchased the red ones. I hope that I can begin to see results soon. I am looking forward to the benefits of taking them. I really need help with my abs!! I am working out regularly….will follow-up with the results!!! Lema New York …..

  15. Comeclean16969's Review

    Well today I and my boo purchased our first bottle of abominal cuts! We will be starting our diet tomorrow!!! The Lady at G.N.C. was very knowledgeable with the products in the store and also very nice! Ive been lifting weights and excerciseing seem like all my life but i lost my flat abs…lol…I will let yal no in a few weeks on how abdominal cuts treated us!!!

  16. Thinkthelma's Review

    What is the difference in the color? Does anyone know?

    • Laura Prim's Review

      pink ones are formulated for women and the yellowish green ones are for men or women

  17. Estebanolmedo1's Review

    I joust started taking 4 caps of abdominal cuts per day and my appetite has decreased and II have lost two pounds. I guess I finally hit the jackpot.

  18. Slikvincita69's Review

    Just curious if ab cuts green is ok to take with other weight loss supplements??

  19. Encasa12@hotmail.com's Review

    I’m skiny but my uper body is thicker can I take the abdominal cut’s??

  20. Mthoumire's Review

    I have been using ab cuts for a week now and I take two at breakfast, lunch and dinner and i have lost 5 pounds already. And I don’t excerise a whole lot because of my job. So I am definitely going to bought another bottle after I finish this one. And I also have stomach pains as well after I take it.

  21. emmanuel's Review

    how can i buy the pills

  22. Brianantourian's Review

    i bought ab cuts but i havent used it yet becuz ive been takn rasberry keton do any one kno if its safe to take both together

  23. steph's Review

    I’ve been taking AbCuts for 3 days (i know its not a lot) but I swear my stomach looks noticeably smaller! It feels tight, like there are muscles down there….I dont work out, mind you, so i’m super impressed. I will keep taking it and see what happens, i’m not expecting a 6-pack but if the lovehandles vanish i will be more than happy!

  24. Bubba04's Review

    this shit better work

  25. Lulu's Review

    My appetite has disappeared!!

  26. EnoughSaidxo's Review

    I just bought my first bottle today, Im really hoping it works. Ill post a comment in the next two weeks :) Wish me luck

  27. Jacqueline Leady's Review

    I started using this product 4 days ago and I have seen weight loss/toning already. Side effects include severe constipation/gas and I actually got a hunger increase! I wanted to eat every hour! But I figured maybe that’s how it works the best. You eat little bits of food all day and do some cardio…amazing :)

  28. Helen's Review

    I started the product this week and its really reducing my hunger pains.

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