Abrexin Review

Abrexin isn’t just a normal diet pill according to makers, this product is meant to target belly fat and help you to eliminate that annoying pooch AS YOU SLEEP no less! The reports say that Abrexin is designed with a completely stimulant-free and yet proven formula. To many, this sounds like the perfect fat burner clinically proven to change your life. The problem is that you can’t always trust what a company tells you.

Does Abrexin Have Fat Burners?

According to one study, Abrexin has some weight loss ingredients that could potentially burn belly fat. Researchers in Japan specifically claim that lactoferrin, a milk extract, can reduce belly fat and improves heart health. However, that does not mean that this is true. So far, there is only one clinical study at all, and at best, nobody else seems to be interested in doing more studies on this ingredient. Simply put, multiple studies rule out flukes and disprove fakes at the same time. However, this ingredient, which most have never even heard of, does not have that benefit.

In addition, legitimate sources such as WebMD for example, suggest that Abrexin may not even be proven as an antibacterial, let alone anything weight loss related.

Could Abrexin Fight Belly Fat?

Let’s assume for a moment that lactoferrin, which is one of 3 ingredients in Abrexin, could actually burn fat. There is still nothing to suggest that any formula can attack belly fat specifically. There are no ingredients, exercises, or even diet changes specifically proven to target any one area of fat.

Considering the fact that scientists have been trying to study and develop ingredients that can target belly fat for years, we highly doubt that any ingredient proven to burn belly fat would not be a big deal. There is money to be made, and we don’t know of any researcher or company who wouldn’t jump on the chance to make millions if lactoferrin were sufficiently proven to burn belly fat.

Is Abrexin Safe?

Both lactoferrin and bioperine are generally considered to be relatively safe. However, there is one other ingredient to consider: GP Shield. This sounds exciting, but so far, no one has ever published any information on this ingredient. The only reference we have is from the Abrexin website, which is vague at best. This one ingredient could be anything, and therefore, we cannot be sure that GP shield or Abrexin are completely safe.

Final Word

Abrexin uses ingredients that have been clinically proven to promote weight loss in the past. If the mysterious GP shield turns out to be green tea or something like that, the makers of Abrexin would not logically hide it. After all, green tea is clinically proven to burn fat.

Based on what we have seen in the past, this generally means that either this ingredient is obviously not a weight loss ingredient or the ingredient in question can be particularly dangerous. Either way, we would recommend you try something else.

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