Apatrim Review

ApatrimHaving trouble cutting calories to lose weight? Apatrim is supposed to “control appetite for 5 times more weight loss”. It even has a clinically proven ingredient, so it has to be effective, right?

Before I believe these claims, let’s see what the truth is behind Apatrim’s formula and clinically proven ingredient. Then, you can decide if Apatrim is the diet pill for you, or if a leading diet pill like Apidextra is a better choice.

What’s in Apatrim?

Apatrim has one and only one ingredient: Caralluma Fimbriata extract.

Caralluma comes from a cactus, which has been eaten in India for centuries. Indian men carried it with them on long hunting trips because it was rumored to suppress appetite and increase stamina.

Caralluma appears to work by influencing the appetite control center in the brain, and it may also block the activity of enzyme and prevent fat from forming. However, researchers really aren’t sure how it works.

Each 2-capsule serving of Apatrim has 500 mg of Caralluma.

Has Caralluma Fimbriata Been Clinically Proven?

I was able to find two studies on Caralluma, but one involved mice, so I’m only relying on the human study:

In this study, 50 men and women were given 1000 mg of Caralluma or a placebo each day. At the end of the 60 day study, people who were given Caralluma had smaller waists and lower BMI and body fat. They also reported lower levels of hunger during the study.

But, researchers say that although people taking Caralluma reported decreases, “these were not significantly different between experimental and placebo groups.” In other words, Caralluma is only slightly better than a placebo.

The official website refers to a different study of Caralluma, which is more promising than the one I found. But I don’t think this was published, so I’m not sure how reliable it is. The study I found was published in the journal Appetite.

How to Use Apatrim

Since people in the clinical study took 1000 mg of Caralluma daily, you’ll need to take two servings or 4 capsules of Apatrim every day to get similar results. I also suggest taking 1 serving at a time to spread out the benefits; for example, take a serving of Apatrim before each of your two biggest meals.

The manufacturer says you shouldn’t take more than 6 capsules (1,500 mg) a day, but I’m hesitant to recommend taking more than 4 (1,000 mg). Studies shows that 1000 mg of Caralluma is safe, but I don’t know if more than that is safe.

Will Apatrim Cause Side Effects?

Caralluma is considered to be safe when taken up to 60 days, but no study has tested its safety for longer than that. Even if you take the recommended 1000 mg a day, you might experience mild side effects like stomach upset, intestinal gas, constipation, and stomach pain. But users who experience these side effects say they usually go away after a week or so.

How Fast Will Apatrim Work?

Apatrim is an appetite-suppressant, and based on the study, its main ingredient isn’t very powerful. So I’m not sure that it will work as fast as Apidextra is known to work.

I might be able to determine how fast Apatrim will work and how much weight it would help people lose if I had more information about the study; but I only have access to the abstract, and it doesn’t have any details.

What Do Users Say About Apatrim?

I found customer reviews of Apatrim on three different sites, and on none of these sites did it get a rating higher than 3 stars out of 5.

People who gave Apatrim low ratings said it didn’t make any difference. They didn’t notice a decrease in appetite and they didn’t lose any weight. There were a few people who said Apatrim did reduce appetite and promote weight loss, but they were the minority.

I didn’t find any reports of side effects caused by Apatrim in these reviews.

Where to Buy Apatrim

Each bottle of Apatrim has 60 capsules. If you take 4-6 a day, it will last for 10-15 days.

When you buy it from what is now the official website (www.patenthealth.com), a bottle of Apatrim costs $29. You can also get it for $21.99 on www.drugstore.com and $19 at Walmart.

Because Apatrim last for 2 weeks, at the most, you’ll need 2 bottles every month ($38-$58, plus shipping and handling costs).

The official website doesn’t offer a money back guarantee for Apatrim, so you try it at your own risk.

Is Apatrim One of the Best Diet Pills?

Apatrim does have a clinically proven ingredient–its only ingredient–and it has the proven dose. But a published study shows that Caralluma Fimbriata may not be much more powerful than a placebo. The customer reviews I read confirm what I suspect and that is, Apatrim is not a highly-effective appetite suppressant.

That being the case, I think Apatrim is overpriced, and to top it off, it’s not covered by a guarantee.

I recommend using Apidextra instead of Apatrim. It has 4 clinically proven and powerful ingredients and it consistently receives positive ratings from users.

Click here to visit www.apidextra.com and learn more.

If you’ve tried Apatrim, I want to hear what you have to say. Was it effective for you? Do you think others should try it?

9 Apatrim Reviews

  1. Donna's Review

    I started taking the Apatrim due to not been able to exercise due to severe hip joint pains. I like it that I don’t get all jittery, but I’ve also noticed that I could eat all the same. I see no difference in it suppressing my appetite, but then again I am only on my 4th day.

  2. K. Greenlee's Review

    I’ve only had it for 2 days and it has surpressed my appetite. Some say they have not seen any weightloss. Well, you may not initially. The product has to be used correctly for at least 20 days to get maximum benefit. Do not force food down your throat if you are not hungry no matter how good that pie or hamburger looks! Seriously! Don’t eat grease, eat baked. grilled, broiled, or raw foods (appropriately), drink plenty of water according to your weight, eat leafy vegetables, fibrous fruits such as berries and citrus, add wheat bran flakes (one teaspoon if not allergic) to your cereals and foods, cut back on red meats, sugar, white flour products, cheeses, and other high calorie starches. Your vegetables have natural starch for the body’s energy so therefore you don’t need to shower your body with bad carbs. Follow this regimen and you WILL see a difference. Remember not to force yourself to eat bad foods or to eat when not hungry. If your portions are greater than the palm of your hand then you ate toooooo much! Eat to satisfaction, not gluttenfaction! GOOD HEALTH TO YOU!

  3. Carol's Review

    I bought Apatrim yesterday for the first time and have taken it 2 days now. I’m very disappointed because it has not reduced my hunger at all. I will take it until it is gone since I spent the money on it.
    From now on I will investiagate more before I buy anything.

  4. Gina's Review

    I purchased Apatrim and have been taking it for 3 weeks. It does absolutely nothing!!
    What a complete waste of my money.
    Regarding review from K Greenlee: if we did everything that is listed we wouldn’t need a diet pill would we.

  5. Lisa's Review

    I have to agree..I am eating the same amount as I usually do..On the 4th week now..No weight lose..This isnt the weight lose they promise..Dont waste your money…

  6. Cattyd15's Review

    i’m an okay size, i’m 123 and 5’2 1/2 BUT i use to weigh 150 and was 5’1 so i lost a total of 27 in 7 weeks.. i used tons of diet pills though Alli (good), Phenphedrine(great), apidexin(great) and now Apatrin.. i want to give u a review on it, but i just started 2 days ago.. ive had noo appetite for anything though

  7. Phyllis Norquay's Review

    I took 6 bottles of Apatrim faithfully two times a day and still managed to gain 20 pounds. Please refund the money I paid for it. I called you some weeks ago and you thought I should take some more. I did and all I did was gain more weight.
    Phyllis Norquay

  8. Kim456's Review

    The first time I took Apatrim it suppressed my appetite by a lot. I felt like I was full up to my throat with food. I was even scared on taking it the second time, and I thought maybe I should reduce down to one pill. But, the second time, it didn’t do anything for me. So does the third time. So, I stopped using it. I’m going to try it again and see what happens.

  9. Kimquinones98's Review

    I bought apatrim. And I have nothing but good things to say ! It has reduced my appetite so much ! I already lost 5lbs , it’s excellent , I never feel hungry at all , and when I do eat something I make sure that’s it’s healthy ! I don’t drink soda or have alot of other sugar products ! I’m very happy with the product , I have taken hoodia befor and it didn’t help me , but this did ! I feel good , and I’m happy to see results , people can say it don’t work , but it does , I love it ! Sometimes u have to put ur part in it , don’t eat bad and expect to not feel hungry , because the. U are going to feel hungry !

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