Apidexin Review

apidexinUnless you have time to research every diet pill and every ingredient, knowing which diet pills are the best is a challenge. Apidexin is supposed to be “one of the best” diet pills. It should boost your metabolism, so you burn fat faster; and suppress your appetite, so you can cut calories more easily.

But how can you know if Apidexin works? Is it really one of the best diet pills?

My goal is to provide you with the answer to these and other questions. Not only have I analyzed the ingredients in Apidexin, I’ve also researched hundreds of other ingredients and diet pills. So, take a look at what I’ve found and then decide for yourself if Apidexin is right for you.

What Ingredients Are in Apidexin?

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a natural extract that comes from a native Indian plant used in traditional medicine for a variety of ailments. Modern clinical research has shown that garcinia is effective because of its high HCH concentration.

HCH is a safe compound that works by preventing hunger, limiting calorie intake, and preventing new fat storage. This two-step approach has been shown to drastically increase fat-loss ability.

Green Tea

Green tea has been used for thousands of years around the world as a drink and traditional medicine and is one of the most widely-used weight-loss ingredients on the market. It works because it contains polyphenols and ECGC, which dramatically increase metabolism and flush out harmful toxins.

Purple Tea

Purple tea is a relatively new weight-loss ingredient praised for its safety and effective. It’s a special form of tea that contains high amounts of GHG. GHG is a compound that blocks enzymes responsible for new fat storage. This has been shown to accelerate weight loss.

Purple tea is also chock-full of antioxidants that improve overall health.

Natural Caffeine

Caffeine is one of the most widely-used stimulants in the supplements world, showing up in everything from weight-loss pills to pre-workout powders. While the energy benefits of caffeine are well-known, it also has effective weight-loss abilities.

By blocking fatigue and boosting energy, caffeine helps you maintain movement and alertness. This increases metabolism and caloric output, both of which lead directly to fat loss. As an additional boost, caffeine also helps you shed bloating and excess water weight.


Theobromine is a stimulant that increases energy, much like caffeine. However, it doesn’t cause the same crash most stimulants do.


Higenamine is an interesting compound found in plants like bamboo. It’s been shown to increase energy production as well as muscle contraction ability. This is especially important for improved exercise.

Does Apidexin Have the Right Amounts?

Every ingredient in Apidexin has been clinically proven. And it’s one of the few diet pills I can say this about. However, these ingredients will only be effective if the clinically proven dose of each one is used.

Luckily, Apidexin makers disclose what doses they use. After doing some research, I found that you’ll get the clinically proven doses if you take 2 capsules of Apidexin a day.

Are There Any Concerns?

Most people who use Apidexin don’t have anything to be concerned about. It has natural, safe ingredients, which have been run through numerous weight loss tests.

People who are more sensitive to caffeine might experience side effects like jitteriness, headaches, and restlessness. But because Apidexin only uses 100 mg of caffeine in every serving, I think the chances of side effects are low and any side effects should be mild.

As I read user reviews, I couldn’t find any reports of serious side effects caused by Apidexin.

What Do Users Say?

There’s no question in my mind that Apidexin is a consumer favorite. Sure, it has its share of negative reviews–no diet pill is perfect. However, the number of positive reviews greatly outweigh the number of negative ones.

People love Apidexin! They say it helps them lose fat quickly. It suppresses appetite and gives people more control over what and how much they eat. Apidexin gives people more energy too. Only a few users reported mild side effects while using Apidexin.

If you want to read dozens of Apidexin reviews, I suggest visiting Apidexin.org or ApidexinReviews.com. These are independent sites that collect reviews from people who’ve used this diet pill.

How to Get the Best Results

I recommend starting with only 1 capsule for the first three days. Eventually, if you want a stronger dose you can take 2 or 3 capsules of Apidexin a day. The best times to take Apidexin are in the morning and afternoon.

Apidexin is powerful, but not so much that it will work all by itself. If you really want to get your money’s worth out of this diet pill, use it along with a healthy, low-calorie diet and regular exercise. This is how it was designed to be used and this is how it will do the most good for you.

Buying & Returning Apidexin

Each bottle of Apidexin holds 60 capsules, so it should last for 20 to 30 days.

I found several sites that offer low prices for Apidexin, but I think it’s also important to have a money back guarantee. Besides letting you try this diet pill risk free, a guarantee shows that the retailer has confidence in the product.

On Amazon.com, you can get Apidexin for as low as $37, but it doesn’t come with a guarantee. On eSupplements.com, one bottle costs $45.99 and it comes with a guarantee, but I’m not sure how long the guarantee lasts.

Apidexin.com sells the product for $49.95 and it has a 90-day 100% money back guarantee. You also get fast shipping, discounts on bulk orders, and secure checkout. If you have any questions, you can contact customer service by phone, email, or live chat.

Is Apidexin Worth Trying?

Apidexin has proven fat-burning, appetite-suppressing ingredients. It comes highly recommended from hundreds of users who say it works and doesn’t cause serious side effects. For what it offers, I think Apidexin is reasonably priced. And since it comes guaranteed, you don’t have to risk any of your money when you try it.

I definitely think Apidexin is worth trying.

If you have any questions or comments about Apidexin, please feel free to share them here!

184 Apidexin Reviews

  1. M. L's Review

    I just got my first bottle today! wish me luck. Took one already. Let u know of my progress

  2. M.L's Review

    Hi, It me again, i am on day 3, day 1 i took it before i ate lunch, got headache soon after, day 2 i took it after breakfast and no head ache what so ever, i am full of energy. so far so good. haven’t seen much result yet. i’ll keep you posted.

  3. Va's Review

    Hi everyone!
    So this is going to be my 5th day of taking the Apidexin. I’d say it works because I’ve lost 3pounds in 3days. I am 5’0″ weigh: 147. I barely workout… Like 10min. walk, 2min. Stretching & 50 jumping jacks… Haven’t diet much either because I’m always hungry. I drink at least 16oz. of water with the pill. 7:30 is my original mornings then 1pm for my 2nd. I only took 1pill each. I’m thinking about increasing it to 2?!… also I haven’t experienced any side effects which is GooD! I’m hoping to lose 47pounds so wish me luck & I’ll be back for more updates when I reach my 7th day… =)

  4. Hayshea28's Review

    Hello, today is my first day of taking apidexin, so far I feel NO side effects other then a little more energy, which is a good thing right! I researched this pill for awhile and decided to give it a shot. I workout as much as i can, but am def going to step it up while on this. I received my pills a couple days ago and decided to start tooday, I was SO nervous they were going to make me sick, anxious, and super jittery but no far non of that! Im also taking the detox. I really hope this works. After years of letting my weight keep me from living my life i’ve decided to make a change. Hopefully this is the help/boost I need. I am 5’4 and 180 lbs, I would like to weigh anywhere between 120 and 130. I’ve decided to weigh in in two weeks so I dont get discouraged. U will keep ya’ll posted!

  5. Rstem623's Review

    I started with 2 pills before breakfast, and 2 before lunch. Didn’t notice a thing, so I went to 3 pills befroe breakfast, and 3 pills before lunch. Didn’t do a THING for me, didn’t give me energy, didn’t help me lose weight (I even GAINED .8 lb the week I was on it). The only way I knew I was taking anything was that I burped a raspberry/chemically taste.

    I just tried it with my usual diet, which is pretty healthy–no ice cream, fried foods, etc.–and nothing. I guess if I “dieted” and exercised more I would lose weight, but most of the stories I read said the people didn’t change their diet. But if I did that, I would be losing weight from the DIETING, not these pills.

    As far as I’m concerned, these pills are worthless.

  6. Taylor's Review

    i have taken Apidexin in the past, and have been very happy about the results. I lost 10 pounds within a month, that was without changing my exercising or eating habits (which were terrible at the time). i went from 160lbs to 150lbs. i have taken a few months off from any diet pill, and i ended up losing another 10lbs from depression (sad to say). so at the moment, i’m down to the 140lb area. i am a lot more careful with what i eat and how i exercise now, and with the results i got from Apidexin without doing anything…i figured they’d be better now that i’m actually careful with what i eat and exercise. I ordered a bottle of the 1111mg dosage a few days ago and received it in the mail today. I’ve taken two already and i feel no different as i did before. so no side effects yet. i aim to get down another 20-30lbs before December. so wish me luck!

  7. sbrose's Review

    i don’t necessarily want to lose weight, im 4’11 and 115, but i want to lose the fat. will this work for me? excersize and diet just aren’t doing it!

  8. overweighted's Review

    So there are no side effects at all – I mean there has to be somthing, if this actually works…

    • Tina's Review

      I haven’t noticed any side effects as of now. I’ve been on pills since August 25. It REALLY controls appetite. I have lost weight. I do not exercise much. I have adjusted my eating simply because I am not hungry like I used to. I am truly happy with Apidexin. Nothing else worked until now! Thank you Apidexin. Side note: Make sure to drink plenty of water.

  9. Lady V's Review

    Ive been on it for 2 weeks and gained 2 lbs, I bought so much of it, and now I am so depressed that I gained weght and stuck to my diet and did cardio every single day!!. WTF???

  10. Tina's Review

    I have tried every diet pill and plan out there. After turning 40 years old nothing was working. Within the first month of taking Apidexin I noticed inches melting away. I haven’t weighed myself yet but I know my clothes are fitting better. I am not gittery. My appetite is controlled. No apparent side effects. I am blown away by this product. I just ordered a 6 month supply.

  11. DivaMCFan's Review

    Hi, I want to start using Apidexin but I have some questions. I’m 20 years old and I’m 167lb. I am trying to lose at least 30lb but i’m wondering if after a month of taking Apidexin will I gain back the weight?

    • Pucca's Review

      So your trying to lose 30 lbs in a month? Well I reckon you can, but it won’t be very healthy for your body to lose alot of weight in a short amount of time. Don’t count on diet pills alone to hep to lose without tons of exercise and eating better during your diet to lose 30 lbs.
      It’s def possible to keep the weight off after, maybe gain 5 pounds in water weight, but the trick is to keep eating healthy like when you were on the diet pills and slowly change into your normal (hopefully better intake) with regular exercise.

  12. Booshyarre's Review

    Usually when you do alot more cardio, your body wants you to eat alot more food to make up for the deficit. Adapexin will curb your hunger after you workout a ton of calories, and give you the energy you would normal get by eating food.

  13. Pucca's Review

    I ordered 3 Apidexin bottles online over a 1 year ago. I finished it all off, though on it, I took it off & on. It definitely increase my energy when i took it, sometimes I even felt really jittery like I was on a coffee rush. Or just drank too much soda feeling. But it did work for me. I eat normally and cut out candy for a while on the diet pills, even without much exercise, I manage to lose the weight. From my HW of 185 and 5’3, I drop to 160 pounds in 3 months and kept it off for over a year after getting off the diet pills.
    Over the year I drop 7 more pounds eating normally (155-153 lbs). I confess I still had junk food & candy twice a week with hardly any exercise and kept the weight off. I think it mostly due to that I eat healthy on weekdays and then eat what I want on the weekends, but never ate more then I needed.
    But last month I had a birthday party and just lost control eating too much sweets over the month, gaining back 10 pounds in 3 weeks! What was I thinking! I went kinda crazy after seeing my weight gain so I exercised like crazy (October 1st-4th) as well eating healthy. And mange to get myself back to 160.
    I’ve decided to order 3 more bottles this time around with a healthy diet and moderate exercise. My goal weight is to lose at least 30-40 lbs.
    I’m still waiting for it to shipped to me. I’ll keep posted.

  14. Teresa's Review

    With the detox after taking the first three when does the detox process start? I do not want to be stuck at work using the bathroom. 3 Day weekend and hoping that the detox ends by Tuesday when I have to go back to work. Anyones input on the detox please?!

    • Pucca's Review

      I just got & started my detox. This is my second day on it and I don’t really feel anything. They say you can start the detox w/ the pill but I’m just going to do detox first before I start the pill.

  15. Pucca's Review

    Well a week in on the pill, so far so good. I intake less 800-1300 a day with 2x a week(1 hour cardio) and I’ve lost 3 pounds in 5 days. I’m eating much less and don’t feel hungry, and with a bit of self control goes a long way at nighttime cravings. I still want sweets and all, but I’m not hungry. Just don’t give into temptation and I think I’ll be fine on my diet.

    • Catlandero's Review

      I’m no expert but I have read that it’s really bad for your metabolism to eat less than 1200 calories a day just thought you might like to know that!

  16. Nikki's Review

    This did absolutely nothing for me. I have been working out with a trainer and eating a strict diet for over 6 months now and for some reason I am just bulking up. I was wanting to try something that would burn some of the fat for me, since my trainer and I have established that I am building muscle faster than I am burning the fat surrounding it. I used this pill alongside my workout plan and diet for a month and there has been absolutely no change. I have checked my BMI twice a week and, if anything, it has gone up! This product is a scam and honestly I don’t think anything will help you lose the weight you want better than just the normal, old-fashioned cardio workouts!

    • Catlanderos's Review

      Sounds to me like there is something not right with your body if you’ve been working out and eating right and didn’t loose weight. Sounds like you should get your thyroid checked out. Or you’re cheating on your diet more than you think you are. Something to think about

  17. Catlanderos's Review

    Well I’m on day one and I can tell that my appetite is definitely suppressed. However when it took longer to eat than thirty minutes after I took my pill at lunch I did start to feel shaky. I’m 5,2 and weigh 130. Just would love to drop 5 to 10 pounds. I used to weigh 170 but after a couple years of on and off diet /exercising I’ve dropped forty pounds and have hit a plateau. I’ll definitely be updating over the next 4 weeks to see if this works!

  18. Nando's Review

    I have been taking this pills for about 5 weeks and they do work ! ! ! I have also been working out a little and I changed my eating habits,,, I have lost 20 lbs in 5 weeks ,,,,,, First time that I loose weight that fast ,,, so I do think that they have been helping me ! ! !

  19. Angelina2006's Review

    Hello all, I have taken the apidexin1111 for 2 weeks, 3 in the morning and three before lunch….I feel very energetic and have lost 8 pounds, no negative side effects what so ever..and I don’t even follow any kind of diet,,,I eat bacon and eggs and corn beef hash (maybe just a smaller portion) in the morning, eat normally for luch and dinner, and have not worked out one single day (bad girl!! haha) , Initially I just bought one bottle to try…I just got done ordering 4 more…I love it!!

  20. Catherineland30's Review

    Well it’s been almost a week and I haven’t lost a single pound! I have been trying to eat better and I’ve worked out three times (mostly running) so I’m not very excited but I’m gonna keep taking it until I run out :-/

  21. eve's Review

    I ordered this bottle because i read the good reviews it has. Therefore i decided to give it a try. First of all 2 additional bottles and 2 detox bottles were added to my order by mistake i called, emailed, and do the live chat to cancel those additonal bottles that were being added to my order, worst customer service!! never picked up the phone left messages and none of them were retured. Finally after hrs of trying to communicate with them im finaly connected to a live chat representative canceled the addittional bottles on my order. 4 days later received the wrong bottle!!! i only wanted the apidexin bottle and i got the detox bottle!.Im being charched $56 for a damn detox bottle!! and i called immedietly to let them know that they sent me the wrong bottle!! and once again nothing! does anyone else have a complaint with their customer service??

  22. Alene's Review

    I’ve tried the product, giving it a valid effort. I do have to say that it really has made me physically ill… My stomach gets upset and I do have a lot of pain in my abdominal area. I need to return the product, but have been unsuccessful in getting in touch with the company in the ways they provide. I’m awaiting an email response and will yet you know how the return process goes.

  23. Ob23nh's Review

    I ordered my pills last week and they came back today and I am going to sart taking them in the the morning. Will let you guys know how it go

  24. Erin's Review

    This product did not sit well with me at all.

    Last year I gained 10lbs during freshman year. Exercise didn’t seem to be moving my weight much so I took apidexin to double my effort. I started taking it 3x’s a day weighing 131lbs, and by the end of the bottle I only lost 4 lbs. What’s worse, soon after finishing the bottle my weight shot up to 135lbs. Now I’m at square one again.

    If you’re not confident how your metabolism will respond to the pill don’t take it. It was a total waste of money in my opinion.

  25. I have 5 days taking apidexin and detox for 3 days, I’m doing a regular diet and doing cardio and I have lost 4 pounds, it’s a good product….I like because I feel good….I have drunk another pills and I have been very sick, with apidexin don’t…..it really works.

  26. J_narinesingh's Review

    Ive been using this product for about a month now and I have little or no results. In fact I have gained weight. What am I doing wrong?

  27. fifibubble's Review

    can’t sleep after taking only one pill in the morning. the caffeine must be off the richter

  28. Meghan's Review

    My husband and I both started using this pill on the same day. For him, no change in anything. But for me, it has been amazing. The energy it gives me is awesome. Ill repost once I weigh in next week! I will say the only negative so far is a slight headache, but once I drink more water its fine. I recommend drinking more water then the bottle says. I drink atleast 32 oz. Everytime I take them.

  29. Nikki's Review

    I started taking the pills yesterday, I wanted to start out with small doses to get adjusted to it. I took one pill before breakfast…about an hour before. I discovered that was not a good idea. I had more energy and was cleaning like a mad woman, so I forgot to eat breakfast 20-30 after taking the pill. Then, my eyes started acting wierd…if I stared at a word, it disappeared….I had to move my eyes back and forth to see the word I was trying to read…kind of like being blinded by a bright light and the spot was covering what I was trying to focus on…then a horrible headache came right after, then after that, naseua set in….in the mean time I still had tons of energy and was still cleaning around the house. Finally, I puked up stomach vile, (I dont know where my breakfast went) lol. And that was after my second pill before I was going to have my lunch…..so after I puked I had my lunch and felt better…all the symptoms were gone!! This morning, I was scared to do it all over again but took a chance anyway. I took one pill then about 20 min later I had breakfast….no eye problems or headaches or naseua. Then two pills about 15-20 min before lunch. I have lots of energy which is really great and I feel happy for some reason…like it might be a mood enhancer or something. Anyway’s, I know everyone is different on how things affect them, but I would say from my expierience…dont wait too long to eat after you take the pill!! lol This is only my second day so I cant tell you if its working as far as the weight loss…I really hope this works! And I will for sure do another review….I am going to wait 3-4 more days to weigh myself. I am not doing a special diet with the pills, just not overeating like before…smaller portions…but I’m not going to punish myself with starvation either! lol And exersice when I feel like it….I didnt yesterday, dont have time today…maybe I’ll exersice tomorrow :) You’ll hear from me soon!!

    • Imrana's Review

      Thanks for your detailed review Niki. Did you end up losing any weight?? I’m curious. I’ve just ordered my supply and can’t wait to start.

  30. Jessi C's Review

    I struggled with losing wieght after my second son. I had gained 45 pounds and was miserable. I dieted for over a year with little results. I started taking apidexin & it changed it all! I had more energy when I worked out which resulted in longer work out sessions. I lost most of myh baby weight in the 1st 3 months & after the next 3 I had lost it all plus more! And the wieght stayed off even after I had stopped taking the pill. I have now had another baby & gained wieght AGAIN! I weigh right at 200 lbs.My daughter is now 4 months old & I have had to stop breast feeding so I am about to start my apidexin journey again. This pill is worth & I can’t wait to start seeing its amazing results!

    • Jtvball07's Review

      hey jessi my name jessie as well lol i haev had 2 kids and i have baby weight and my husband is iffy about diet pills so it did really work? and what did u do along with it to get to your goal weight what i mean by that is what did u eat, how did u eat, did u work out if so how often …..just wanna get the real insite on this product as well as if u had any side effects at all thanx

  31. Samantha's Review

    i have really low metabolism & i was wondering if this pill will work even with my problem ? HELP !

  32. Pbp Skippy's Review

    Ok so did anyone gain muscle with apidexin?

  33. Ariza's Review

    So does this pill make you lose like flabby stomach or like how and where does the fat decrease?

  34. Anonymous's Review

    HELLO!! I hope this can help everyone on here, and that many of you read this and get a few good things from this post! Although, i know it will probably be quite lengthy….

    I am not a professional, I NEVER had a good workout routine or eating habits before this, AND I have NEVER EVER used a diet pill before. Diet pills always scared me, i stayed away from them, and believed that they were bogus, fake, filled with nonsense, and a scam. AND I STILL THINK ALL ARE!!!


    I am 24 years old, 5 feet tall, and I started this at 120 pounds. I needed to slim down for my cousins wedding and had to do A LOT OF RESEARCH FIRST before even trying this pill. AND I SUGGEST EVERYONE DO THE SAME!!!

    I TOOK THESE FOR TWO WEEKS AND LOST 16 POUNDS WHEN TAKING THEM!!!!!! NO JOKE!!! I couldn’t believe it! I am currently no longer taking them as i have no desire to lose anymore wight than that, but am still eating right and exercising, and it has been a month after and i have kept the pounds off! (For the skeptics who think: “Well of course you lost weight, its because you dieted and exercised!”, read till the end! or skip to my paragraph labeled “LAST”)

    I picked up tips from many websites, comments (pros and cons), and other posts before deciding to try this pill out.

    FIRST: TO WARD AWAY all of the nausea, jitters, and headaches everyone talks about, I read a tip from someone that if your body isn’t used to a high heart rate caused by the caffeine that you will deal with these issues. His tip was to first ready your body by doing high intensity (fast-paced) workouts at least a week before you start taking these AND start your first day with ONE pill to see how your body reacts to it first (one pill for the WHOLE day). If your body does well the first day then try doing two the NEXT DAY. I followed this tip and found it to be very helpful! Not only was my body ok having the increased energy because I did the week (I actually did 2 weeks) of strong exercising beforehand, but it did the trick to keep away any feelings of nausea! And the “one pill first” trick helped me determine if i needed to increase the dosage per day (which i did, GRADUALLY), and helped my body to adjust to taking it.

    SECOND: I researched a lot, and the way you work out has a lot to do with how effective these will be, and what your results would be. I read the short sessions of cardio scattered throughout your day is more effective that one large session because it keeps your metabolism up all day long. I did this by doing a few 10 minute exercises that keep my heart rate up throughout my day and it worked like a charm! And you’ll just be amazed how many 10 minute spots you will find throughout your day!

    THIRD: Your eating habits also play a role! Watching the “The Doctors” on TV, i learned the “eat often more often, but with smaller meals” trick. I ate 5-6 SMALL meals everyday (and still do!!!!!) and it works to curb hunger AND cravings because you eat more often.

    LAST: I know by this time you’re thinking, “Well if you did all that exercise and dieting then of course you’ll lose weight! Its not the pill!”. As i wrote earlier, i did 2 weeks or exercising and dieting BEFORE taking the pill and only lost 2 pounds (not included in the 16 pounds lost). ONLY 2!!!! I lost 16 in the following 2 weeks of my exercise and dieting COMBINED with the pill! THAT’S HOW I KNOW!!!

    Again, this all my have worked well for me, but everyone, and every BODY is different and will react to these in different ways. I just wanted to share hoping that some of these tips and this testimony might be of help, and might actually help someone! I had to research a lot before starting any of this, and i suggest you also do the same!!


  35. Paige's Review

    My name is Paige. I’m 17 and weigh 242lbs. I’m tired of being harassed and teased at school. My boyfriend, whom is 100lbs less than me, keeps telling me I need to lose weight or he’s going to try and find someone else. It really hurts and I needed to change. I orderd 2 bottles & the detox yesterday, and I will be keeping a journal of my weight appitite mood and much more. I really hope this will work for me. I want to be healthy, look better and keep my boyfriend of 2 years. I’m praying I can lose at least 70-80 pounds on this with strict diet and some exersize. Anyone else in this type of situation?…

  36. Anonymous's Review

    Ok so I wanted to share my experience with Apidexin! This is my 2nd day using it and I have the 455mg. I take one in the morning before I eat and another one about 4 hours later before I eat lunch. I was really worried about having some side effects from this pill because of other comments but im happy to say that I have had NO side effects! Ive also been drinking a lot of water and making sure I eat soon after I take it. In the last 2 days I have eaten granola bars, turkey sandwiches, frozen borritos, and strawberries. I have lost 4lbs in just two days!! Im sooo happy!! I would have to say that I love this pill because I have had no side effects, and I have lost weight. I havent had time to start working out yet but I will soon and I hope the weight keeps coming off!! YAY for me.. and Apidexin!!!!

  37. babygirl's Review

    i am between 5’2 and 5’3 while weighing 179 pounds. i started apidexin455mg 4 days ago. day1: i took only the detox and didn’t feel much different. i took 3 before breakfast and 3 before lunch. day2: i decided to start my apidexin throughout my detox… felt pretty jittery and almost drunk. day3: same routine as day 2, making it the second day on apidexin… side effects were not as strong. checked my weight, lost about 2 pounds but im guessing thats just water weight. im giving this product a month to see what it does. i haven’t had the opportunity to really excersize yet… but ive cut down on fast food. i hope this works! ill come back to update soon~

  38. Guest's Review

    Lisa, did you see the results you were looking for using Apidexin

  39. tmh's Review

    I just got mine in the mail, but am scared to start them. Everyone is talking about being jittery, and nauseous. Mine came with no instructions, just very fine print on the bottle. had to get on here to actually find out more. Do i take 1 in the morning since i am just starting? And how soon before breakfast? with a 32 oz. glass of water? i am really hoping these help me to lose some weight.

  40. Punky's Review

    Ok So I used Apidexin last year when I first began my weight loss journey. Although I’m not sure exactly how much I weighed when I began using them, I can tell you that when I stopped using them in August I haven’t really lost any weight so I know they work. I plan on purchasing them again within the next few weeks to jump start my weight loss again. I didn’t have any side effects, but everyone is different.

  41. Aurolaya's Review

    I just got my apidexin and have taken the 3 detoux and one apidexin to start my day. Ive read a couple of mixed reviews. Im expecting the pill to do all the work i do go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week. I just hope this works. I’ll keep this updated. Keeping my fingers crossed

  42. Rstone1987's Review

    Okay I personally just ordered these pills about 5 days ago and they just came in the mail today. I just took one as it says to take one 30 min before eating. Today I’m 5 foot 8 and weigh 182.1 lbs. I will keep updating this post weekly to keep track of my wieght. Good luck to all. 😀

  43. natty's Review

    i been taking these pills for the past 1 week. i do from 2-3 hrs of exercise at the gym every 5-6 days a week. i have a very slow metabolism i barely loose weight, but from last week till this week i lost 3 pounds, i do get a lil light headed from time to time, but so far as energy goes i haven’t felt any rush, i feel more tired and sleepier than normal when i take it, i notice a slight decrease in my food intake, this morning from those 3 i lost this morning i gained 2 back..lol. some pills are not for everyone or maybe i have a slower metabolism, i notice they do make you have bowl movements, but if don’t see at least in 1 month more 10 then pounds lost i will not reorder this product, and good luck to everyone with there wight lost.

  44. naty's Review

    will now that madrimer mentioned the fat being replaced in my body might be muscle mass, i have been working out about 6 times a week 2-3 hrs most of the time, and i do maybe 1-2 a week some weight, dumbell classes to strengthen my arms and stomach and legs, for i wont be saggy after my weight lost, so i do notice i will one week loose 2-3 pounds. then following week loose maybe 1 or even stay my weight, i do feel skinner all around but my scale dosent show what i’m feeling, so i’m guessing i might be building muscle as well plus i do eat alot of protein bars which help build muscles. i’m going to keep a log for may to see how exactly how much i loose during that month good luck to everyone, btw it does help decrease your appettite and it gives you energy just before a workout i recommend to take it about 30 minutes before.

  45. naty's Review

    i been using this pill so far as told and done tons of exercise 6 days a week watch my diet and i only loose if i’m lucky 1-2 pounds per week, not to mention at times i will gain weight on from week to week, i do notice sometimes not always i do get a rush of energy when taking it 30 mintes before gym time, and alot of need to go pee but other then that dont notice much taking this pill for 1 month and i lost 5 pounds, mind you i do diet and exercise 6 days a week 2-3 hrs so i’m guessing that weight coming off is my hard work not much the pill, which is supposed to help boost your metabolism so i don’t plan on reordering this cause i did not like the results, but not everyone is the same some people might have this pill do wonders but for me i’m looking towards trying relacore extra its 25 bucks in walmart brings 75. and i tried it yrs back and i lost weight without exercise, so maybe this might help me out again, good luck to everyone this is my last post on this site.

  46. karly's Review

    I tried apidexin for a full 30 days and I did not have desired results. I ate healthy and worked out at least 30 min. 3 times a week and after all was said and done I had gained 5 lbs. I did feel like I had more energy on the pills, but that is the only difference that I feel the pills made. I returned my empty bottle along with a full sealed bottle and though it did take about 3 weeks longer than it was supposed to I did recieve my full refund. All in all I would say that these are worth a shot, even if they didn’t work for me.

  47. liz's Review

    i was wondering what is the difference in apidexin and apidexin super shredded? does one work faster than the other?

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