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avesilWith Avesil, you’re supposed to get fast weight loss, more energy, and reduced appetite.

These claims come from almost every other diet pill out there, but I was intrigued by Avesil because the official website mentions “published scientific research”. That’s not something I see very often.

Let’s see what the truth is about Avesil’s formula and this research. Will it really help you lose weight fast and safe? Should you try Avesil, or is the top-rated Apidextra a better choice?

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Avesil has four ingredients; including two patented ones:

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Chromium – Studies show that chromium can optimize insulin function. This helps reduce glucose levels and cravings. In fact, chromium helped study participants cut 365 calories a day and lose weight. The clinically proven dose needed for these results is 200-500 mcg, so you’d need to take 2 servings of Avesil a day.

Caffeine USP – This mild stimulant has the ability to increase energy and stimulate fat burn, studies show. It’s also a diuretic, so it can strip your body of extra water weight. However, I don’t think Avesil has enough caffeine for it to be highly effective. Studies show that you need 200-400 mg a day for fat burning.

Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract – Avesil has a patented form of this ingredient called GreenSelect. It contains Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is an antioxidant. Research shows that EGCG can stimulate the body to burn fat; especially when combined with caffeine. You need at least 200-400 mg a day.

Ashwagandha Extract – This is the second patented ingredient in Avesil called Sensoril. Some evidence suggests that it can increase levels of thyroid hormone, which would boost metabolic rate. Researchers haven’t recommended a specific dose.

Green tea and Ashwagandha are combined into a proprietary blend of 475 mg, so I don’t know how much of each is used in Avesil.

Suggested Use

Each bottle of Avesil holds 60 capsules and each capsule is considered one serving. The manufacturer recommends taking 2 capsules a day; but I would suggest taking 3 capsules a day, so you can get a stronger dose of chromium and caffeine. At the same time, I’m hesitant to suggest 3 capsules because I don’t know how if there’s a safe amount of Ashwagandha.

The best time to take Avesil is 30 minutes before a meal.

I do recommend that you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly while using Avesil. Not only will this help you lose weight faster, it will help you keep pounds off.

What the Truth About the Published Scientific Research?

The claim about published scientific research led me to believe that Avesil had been tested. If that’s true, I couldn’t find any information about the study. All I found was this paragraph:

“We referenced 284 published scientific studies to verify the claims that we make about the ingredients in Avesil.”

The combination and amounts of ingredients Avesil has not been clinically tested and proven.

Will Avesil Cause Side Effects?

If you’re highly sensitive to caffeine, you might experience side effects while taking Avesil. But I think chances are low since Avesil has less caffeine than 1 cup of coffee. The downside to this though is that a lower dose of caffeine makes Avesil less effective.

If a large dose of Ashwagandha is used, it may cause stomach upset, diarrhea, and vomiting. Unfortunately, I don’t know how much Avesil uses or how much is considered a “large dose”. Also, Ashwagandha is considered safe short-term, but there is no information about its long-term safety.

What Do Users Say?

Every diet pill gets some negative feedback, but in the case of Avesil, most of the reviews I found were negative. For example, on Amazon.com, Avesil received an average rating of 2.6 stars out of 5 and more than half of the reviewers only gave it 1 star.

The biggest complaint was that Avesil didn’t work at all. But I also found a lot of complaints about the free trial.

The Free Trial

The only way to buy Avesil from the official website is through a 14-day free trial. For the trial, you have to pay shipping and handling ($5.95) and then you’ll receive a free bottle. Your 14 days starts on the day you order Avesil, so you really don’t have much time to use the diet pill.

If you don’t want to be charged $89.95 for your free bottle, you must cancel the trial and return Avesil before the 14 days are up. If you don’t cancel, you will be charged and automatically entered into the monthly autoship/autocharge program.

Can You Buy Avesil?

Avesil is available for sale on Amazon.com for $54. You can also get it on eBay.com for $49.95. Neither of these sites offers a money back guarantee though, which is a disadvantage since you’re risking a lot of money by buying Avesil.

Is Avesil Your Best Option?

Although Avesil makers claim that their diet pill is exceptional, I’m not convinced. It has some good, proven weight loss ingredients; but it does not or may not have very strong doses. Based on the customer reviews I read, it seems that Avesil is not very effective. I’m also skeptical about the free trial offer. It seems to cause more problems for customers than anything else.

I don’t recommend trying Avesil because I’ve seen better diet pills. Apidextra is a great example. It has powerful, proven ingredients and users say it really works.

You can learn more on Apidextra.com.

If you’ve tried Avesil, I would love to hear your experience. Did it work for you? Would you recommend it?

32 Avesil Reviews

  1. Cathy Voisard's Review

    Avesil is a scam operation. They tell you you only have to pay for shipping and have 14 days to cancel. What they don’t tell you, is that the 14 days is already up before you even receive the pills OR try them. I called after 5 days of using the pills to cancel my order and was charged almost $90 in addition to the shipping fee. Don’t fall for their scam. The pills don’t work.

  2. rhonda's Review

    I had the same experience . what a rip off for a bad product.

  3. Rose Wickman's Review


    • Julio Morales's Review

      That’s the biggest lie!!!!

  4. Grace's Review

    I agree….it’s a scam. Don’t even bother with their trial period. I cancelled a day after receiving the product, got a RMA number and dropped it back in the mail. A month later, I see a charge of $89.95 on my credit card statement. When I called Avesil’s customer service, their explaination for the charge was because the returned product was never received. I demanded a full refund but was told I would only get a partial refund of $30 due I “violated” the trial policy by not returning the product within 14 days of cancelling the order and because the product was never received back to their warehouse. I pointed out that requirement was not noted anywhere in their trial information and that they had a “100% money back guarantee”. Apparently, the 100% guarantee only applies on paper. Now let’s see if that partial refund will get to me……

  5. Kris T's Review

    It is very difficult to cancel the auto shipments. They give you instructions to cancel online but when you enter the information requested (zip code and last 4 digits of credit card) and click the “login” button nothing happens. I tried several times. I called the number and left messages and got no response. I then sent an email and the response said my membership was canceled and there would be no more charges to my credit card. A few days later I noticed that I was charged again after my membership was cancel. After a long, frustrating conversation I was promised a refund only because my second month supply had not been sent out yet (I had already been charged for the first shipment, I let that go). I think their strategy is to frustrate you to the point that you just let it go. Go to complaintsboard.com and read the reviews. Most of the complaints are about getting charged after canceling, not being able to cancel or being charged for products they did not receive.
    If you really must try it then go to Ebay or another auction site. There appears to be some people who got stuck with bottles of this stuff that they did not want and are selling unopened bottles. There are others who sell it on a regular basis. At least with Ebay you won’t get stuck with the auto shipment.

    • Julio Morales's Review

      YOU COULD ALSO CALL 1-866-730-3330, COME ON THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. anke s.'s Review

    I don’t have a review to share,but i was about to order the free trial,am i glad i checked this web site and read the reviews,Thank you

  7. Angelbelle323's Review

    Does not work! I did send it back in time, and received email confirmation. I hope I never get charged.

    • Julio Morales's Review


      • Rpcarpe's Review

        Do you work for Avesil?

    • Didi's Review

      did you get charged? I placed an order for the free trial but I’ll ship it back the moment I’ll get it. I’ll let my CC about this company and eventual fraudulent charges. I’m scared reading all this postings.

  8. Sdlkfj's Review


    • Julio Morales's Review

      funny i see none!!!!

  9. tired&hurting's Review

    Not recommended. Tried it for 3 weeks, lost 3 lbs in the first week, then steadily gained weight after that. And that’s with a 1500 calorie diet and 3-5 hours of gym time each week! In addition, I’m exhausted all the time, the area around my liver hurts pretty badly, and my heart races every night when I go to bed (110 beats/min lying down).

    Just canceled, hopefully it will take hold and I will not get charged.

    Seriously, this product doesn’t work.

  10. Ilesofsmiles's Review

    Thanks… I won’t be ordering. I almost did. Soory to all of you who got hood-winked. Again, thank you for sharing your stories.

  11. Massadinar's Review

    This is a classic Scam!! Don’t Fall for it unless you want to pay $89 plus shipping and handling. Then, I have to pay for the return of the Bottle and get it there before 3 weeks from the time of ordering or get charged. The main ingredient is Chromium (as chromium polynicotinate ) chromate 100mcg,
    caffeine USP 75mg, Avesil Proprietary blend 275mg, decaffeninated Green Tea (leaf) extract, Ashwagandha (root) Extract. Do your self a favor and go to your drugstore or vitamin store and save some Money!!

  12. Roger's Review

    Do NOT order Avesil. They charge you 14 days after you AGREE to the trial, not when you get the actual product. Then they charge you again just two wks later for the second bottle. When you go to cancel, they say your account has been canceled but then charge you $95+ the next month. You call to dispute the charge and they simply say, they have no record of it. I filed a complaint with BBB and their response “we have no record but she’s canceled now.” DO NOT GIVE THESE people your credit card information. Don’t waste your time with this product or company with terrible customer service.

  13. Lady's Review

    If you go online and search the blogs, you’ll read that far and away AVESIL is a SCAM. The product does not work and worse yet, they charge your card after you cancel and then claim to have no record of the phone call you made in which you canceled the product. It may not happen to every single person who agrees to the trial practice and agrees to give this product an honest shot, but do you want to be the 1 in 5 people charged $95 after cancellation and then refused a refund?

  14. Karen Alstrom's Review

    I also got ripped off by this nasty company which should be convicted of steeling from honest people who do not deserve what they are doing. $95.00 is a lot of money these days and I really don’t know how they sleep at night! They are rude, crude and just wicked. Their product does not work. I sure wish I would have read these reviews before I got sucked in this scam of their’s. I was very ill when they shipped the 2nd order and not able to return it in time. When I called them I got told, no way they would return my money. What a bunch of crap!!!!!!!

  15. Mrjulioamorales's Review

    Please read terms and conditions, when you place any order online……. product does work……. just some people are crazy and make up things!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAZY PEOPLE

    • Rpcarpe's Review

      You defend them without many facts. Do you work for them?

  16. scammed.'s Review

    okay– first of all, you do NOT have to be crazy to know that you’ve been scammed. I bit. I bought Avesil. I thought I had read all the fine details. but, I missed one very critical point.. as indicated on so many of the previous posts. YOU HAVE TO RETURN THE BOTTLE AND CANCEL AS SOON AS YOU GET THE PRODUCT! because you really don’t have 14 days to try it before you get billed! AND– the 14 day ‘trail’ will be billed at 89.95 if you decide to keep it! so it’s BUYER BEWARE!! oh, and as for working. well, I’ve lost about 5lbs. nothing as dramatic as some of the ‘testimonies’ stated.

    • Nsga's Review

      I had no trouble cancelling, but they do not give you enough turn-around time; therefore, I did get charged, but with a phone call it was promptly removed. I am wondering if it works- no one really says here- it is all about being ripped off. I still have my supply and want to try it, but I am afraid of jittery side effects.
      Can anyone speak to that?

  17. Bob's Review

    Same story here. Stay away from Avesil. This company is busy scamming everyone here. They start your trial as soon as you place the order. How can I try a product that is still in transit ???
    Garbage product, worthless customer service. STAY AWAY !

  18. Conahad008's Review

    I sent the product back via certified mail so that there is no way they can claim they did not receive it on time. I sent it back the day I received it. Doesn’t feel like it works, but I kept all the pills anyway to try it out. I may call my bank and tell them my card was lost just in case they try to bill me anyway!

  19. Wbman's Review

    I don’t work for the company and I haven’t ordered the product. Two comments though. First, you can always contact your credit card company and tell them not to accept the bill from Avesil. While this doesn’t cancel the contract, it does prevent you from being charged.
    Second comment, if you look at most web sites that “review” diet pills, they always seem to support an alternate product. Makes you wonder who is doing the writing and what their incentive is to “bad mouth” a product.

  20. Kalie_migneault's Review

    Personally, I have tried a lot of different products and DID notice appetite suppression and boost in energy. I don’t need to lose tons of weight but in the past 3 weeks I lost 5 lbs… I do eat very healthy and work out a bit everyday so it was just a nice little boost in energy and a little bit of craving suppression that has helped me lose a few extra pounds :) Also – I was not automatically signed up for autoship. I am in Canada so I bought 4 months worth (a deal they had at the time) and they confirmed I was not on autoship – Also! They have a very helpful live representative on the website which made ordering and asking questions very easy and they were very helpful with everything. But maybe this product isn’t for everyone… ?

  21. Joni's Review

    I was gullible, and suffered the consequences! I experienced every bad circumstance that everyone else is describing. very rude customer service, the worst i have ever encountered. if you have any common sense after reading such bad reviews, you won’t purchase this product. P.s. I had no loss of appetite and no extra energy while using the product…

  22. Gwynne's Review

    The claims on the Avesil website was so compelling that I ordered it, before reading the scam reviews. Shame on me! After receiving the bottle, I read that it cannot be taken if you’re taking ANY product witha a stimulant effect or any other source of caffeine (like coffee, tea and soda). Do not use if you are using ANY prescription or over the counter drug. This rules out about 90% of adults! I called immediately to cancel. It’s upsetting that I had to pay for shipping and the return costs for a product I’d never used – but lesson learned. After reading these posts, I called Avesil and read some of the complaints, mainly related to refunds. I told her it should take no more than 3-4 days for them to receive my return,(well within the deadline) & I don’t want to be told, that they never received the bottle and thereby charged.She assured me that I would not be charged if they get the bottle by Feb 15. We’ll see. I’ll let you and the BBB know if I have any problems.

  23. Aimee602's Review

    I can’t believe the amount of people calling it a scam. Nothing in the world is free!! I read through all the fine print, cancelled it the day it came in the mail, mailed it back priority mail & received a confirmation email from them that they received it. I still have the full bottles worth and wasnt charged. As soon as i start taking it, i’ll provide an update, but i just wanted to throw that out there. Pay attention to what youre doing when you’re giving someone your CC# and your ass will be covered. :)

  24. Dawn's Review

    I been taking avesil for three days and have lost three pounds. I ordered through amazon so I don’t have the headache of the autoship. It was also cheaper.

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