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 width=The Banital diet pill wants to stop you from overeating, help pass carbs through your body undigested, burn more calories, and give you more energy. Let’s take a look at all aspects of this diet pill to make our decision about it.


Cinnamon Bark, Gymnema Sylvestre-May help regulate blood sugar, but more research is needed.

Chamomile-May help soothe your stomach, but won’t help you lose weight.

Ginger Root-Again, good for digestive health, but not for weight loss.

Synephrine-Synephrine is likely to be an effective weight loss ingredient in a weight loss pill. While synephrine is claimed not to have some of the same side effect as caffeine may have (such as the jitters), it is a stimulant so those who don’t fare well with stimulants should take note.

Chitosan-Three grams per day of this ingredient is an effective amount to help aid in weight loss.

Glucomannan-Two to four grams of this ingredient per day could very well help suppress your appetite.

Good ingredients, but what about the amounts?

The problem with Banital isn’t that it is lacking as far as good ingredients go, because it surprisingly isn’t. The problem with Banital is that they don’t list the amounts of each ingredient contained in this diet pill, thus making it virtually impossible to know if these good ingredients will have a chance to be effective. For example: Chitosan and glucomannan are only effective in higher doses. But since we don’t know the dosage, we don’t know if it will be effective. The fact that they don’t disclose the amount of each ingredient makes me wonder what they’re trying to hide.

Banital’s Marketing

Besides the bone I have to pick with this company about not listing ingredient amounts seems small when I look at their underhanded marketing techniques. Any idea what has got me up in arms? If you guessed a sneaky autoship program, you’d be right! The cheapest option to order Banital on the website is $79.95 with $9.95 shipping and handling, and this order is shipped to you each month. The other option is to pay $139.75 plus $9.95 shipping and handling for one bottle of Banital, Detox, and a personal health and fitness guide. Either way, you are spending too much money for a product you don’t know will work and you are most likely being signed up for automatic shipments.

Banital Price

The autoship option will cost you $89.90 per month. The one-time offer will cost you $149.70. Either way, this is far too much to pay for a product where the amount of each ingredient isn’t even listed.

Banital Guarantee

This is another marketing tactic that this company uses. They try to lure you in with promises of a double-your-money-back guarantee, but it has strings attached, of course.
To qualify for this company’s money back guarantee you have to:

  1. See your doctor and him or her recommend Banital
  2. Record your weight prior to taking Banital
  3. Record your weight after taking Banital for 25 days

Oh, and you can’t return the bottle if it is opened. This is not a guarantee. This is a marketing tactic cloaked as a guarantee, which is basically meaningless.


This company has potential because their product actually has a lot of good and proven ingredients. However, their method of an autoship program,  a complicated guarantee, and not having any way of knowing for sure if the ingredient amounts in Banital are even sufficient to be effective are enough reasons to look elsewhere for a diet pill.

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  1. Tim's Review

    I love this product. I wouldn’t take any other pill honestly. Good job Banital.. love ya guys. Where can I get more?

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