African Mango Super Fruit Diet Review

The African Mango Super Fruit Diet isn’t just a diet pill; it’s a comprehensive diet plan. The package comes with a 1-month supply of diet pills and a strict diet program. It supposedly decreases emotional and stress eating, flushes toxins, and helps you lose weight.

That’s a lot to ask of a diet program. I researched to see if African Mango Super Fruit Diet can stand up to any or all of its claims.

What’s Inside?

The African Mango Super Fruit Diet supplement is a proprietary blend of the following ingredients:

African Mango – This extract is this diet program’s namesake for a good reason because it improves leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone that tells the body when it has sufficient fat tissue and when it’s full. When a person has leptin-resistance, the result is often weight gain.

In clinical studies, a daily dose of African mango extract results in improved leptin-resistance, weight loss, fat loss, and cholesterol levels. [1]

Lychee – This vitamin-packed fruit is directly linked to weight loss. One 2009 study showed 100 milligrams of lychee daily decreased body fat, waist size, and weight in people with metabolic syndrome. [2] The high vitamin B6 content also helps lychee metabolize carbs more quickly.

Acai – While this little berry is outrageously popular, there are no studies to back up its effectiveness on weight loss. It offers an antioxidant boost, but that’s about it.

Maqui Berry Powder– Like acai, maqui berries are antioxidant-packed fruits with no proven connections to weight loss.

Elderberry Powder– Traditionally used to treat colds, coughs and tonsillitis, elderberry also lowers bad (LDL) cholesterol. In one study, participants who took five milliliters of elderberry juice for two weeks saw a slight decrease in LDL cholesterol levels. [3]

Pomegranate Powder – Pomegranates are antioxidant superfoods. But claims that the fruit helps with weight loss are largely unjustified.

Blueberry Powder – Not only are blueberries packed with heart-healthy vitamins and antioxidants, but they are also proven to reduce belly fat. Animal studies show blueberry powder supplements decrease belly fat and lower cholesterol levels. [4]

Aronia Fruit Extract – This fruit lowers stress levels and blood pressure, especially for those with metabolic syndrome. Two months of aronia extract resulted in decreased blood pressure and stress levels. [5]

Resveratrol – A popular chemical that is good for your health, resveratrol is often used as an excuse to drink more red wine. This excuse is partially justified. Resveratrol inhibits fat cells from increasing – meaning it can help you from gaining more weight. But it can’t get rid of excess weight you already have.

Studies show resveratrol prevents pre-fat cells from turning into mature fat cells. This means it delays fat storage. But again, it doesn’t burn fat that’s currently stored in the body. [6]

Green Tea Leaf Extract – Green tea activates thermogenesis and heats up the body, which promotes higher calorie burn. Clinical studies show the significant impact green tea extract has on thermogenesis and calories burned at rest. [7]

A 2010 study showed that people with metabolic syndrome lose weight with green tea extract. [8]

The Company

African Mango Super Fruit Diet is manufactured by BioGenetics Laboratories, both of which are owned by a larger parent company called iSatori Technologies. There’s no official site for African Mango Super Fruit Diet or its manufacturer. However, information on the diet can be found on third party sites.

Customers should be aware that supplements produced by larger, ambiguous companies are often trying to hide a bad reputation. Many of them are scams. Keep this in mind if you’re considering this diet.

User Reviews

Reviews for the African Mango Super Fruit Diet are mixed. This is largely because it isn’t just a supplement, but a strict eating plan as well. Some argue you’ll lose weight on a strict diet plan, whether you have supplements or not. Success is based on the whole program and not the supplements alone.

On, user Roadroller says, “The special diet is not feasible for a person on the go. You will not lose weight if you don’t follow the diet.”

Glenna, another customer on the same site, says, “I was very disappointed. I have taken it for 3 weeks and have not lost one pound.”

One user says, “I can’t tell if this product is helping me lose weight or if it’s all my lifestyle changes combined.”

A more positive customer, Hard-Working Mom, says, “I thought the eating plan would be really difficult to get used to, but it was simple, and I wasn’t hungry at all…”

Safety Issues

Like most diet pills, African Mango Super Fruit Diet comes with some risks. It is full of natural laxatives in the form of plant extracts, including lychee, green tea extract and acai. Stomach cramping, nausea, dehydration and diarrhea are all very common with these. It’s important to stay hydrated while taking this supplement.

The diet program that’s included is based on low caloric intake, so talk to your doctor before you start a diet program.

African Mango Super Fruit Diet Advantages

• Stimulant-free
• Some clinically proven ingredients
• Easy to find on third party sites

African Mango Super Fruit Diet Disadvantages

• Expensive
• No official site
• No company information
• Exact ingredient amounts unknown
• No free trial


The cost of African Mango Super Fruit Diet isn’t excessive. But it may not be worth it for some people because there’s no money back guarantee or free trial.

Here are the cheapest places to find it online:

• $40.99
• $37.99
• $59.99

So…Does It Work?

As a strong laxative, the African Mango Super Fruit Diet pills will likely flush toxins and help you lose some weight. Whether the weight loss is healthy or permanent is up for debate. Most people lose weight when they switch to a strict low calorie, high fiber diet like the one in this program. There’s no evidence to support its claims of decreased emotional and stress eating.

African Mango Super Fruit Diet may not be worth the cost, especially because there are similar products with more effective ingredients and affordable prices.

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