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iSatori Garcinia TrimYet another garcinia cambogia diet pill is about to hit store shelves and online supplement outlets. The company iSatori behind the name Biogenetic Laboratories — the makers of Razberri Ketone-Slim, gcbLEAN800, and Belly Off — will introduce Garcinia Trim in May 2013.

Garcinia cambogia has had a lot of hype recently as a weight loss ingredient. But, hype doesn’t ensure effectiveness. iSatori Garcinia Trim needs some scrutiny before it takes the throne as the latest and greatest garcinia cambogia diet pill. Read on to see what is known so far about this product.

Who Makes It?

Garcinia Trim is made by iSatori Inc. This company sells several diet pills under the name BioGenetic Laboratories.

iSatori Inc. is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. However, they only have 5 complaints on the BBB website, a good record that has earned them an A+ rating from the BBB. The record is encouraging but doesn’t automatically ensure iSatori’s diet pills work.

What Are the Ingredients?

Unfortunately, since Garcinia Trim is not for sale yet, the nutrition label is not available. Still, it’s obvious the primary active ingredient is garcinia cambogia.

Garcinia cambogia is a pumpkin-like fruit that contains high hydroxycitric acid concentrations in its rind. Hydroxycitric acid, or HCA for short, is the component credited with inducing weight loss.

iSatori claims HCA’s power lies in its effect on the neurotransmitter serotonin and the hormone leptin. High serotonin levels decrease appetite. High leptin levels increase appetite.

One HCA study, cited by iSatori in its press release for Garcinia Trim, shows HCA increases serotonin and decreases leptin. [1] Thus, HCA’s overall effect is intense appetite suppression.

But, what iSatori doesn’t say about this study is that it featured only obese patients on a moderately restricted diet and a mild exercise regimen. People who purchase and use iSatori Garcinia Trim may not experience the same weight loss as participants in this study.

What Is the Recommended Dose?

Currently, scientists aren’t sure of the exact dose of garcinia cambogia or HCA needed to induce weight loss. [2] However, studies so far indicate both effective and ineffective doses.

The successful study used a daily dose of 2800 mg HCA. [1] An unsuccessful study done in 1998 used 1500 mg a day. [3] Garcinia Trim probably needs an approximate 2500 mg daily dose of HCA to trigger successful weight loss.

Unfortunately, iSatori has yet to release the HCA dosage contained in Garcinia Trim. Supposedly, it contains 60 percent HCA. That is a purer percentage than in many other garcinia cambogia diet pills. But purity is not as important as dosing. Without more information, it’s impossible to guess at the diet pill’s effectiveness.

Are There Side Effects?

Current research indicates garcinia cambogia causes a few minor side effects. These include stomach or intestinal distress, nausea, or headache. [4]

Although garcinia cambogia and HCA are natural ingredients, the long-term safety is not yet known. The general recommendation is to use garcinia cambogia diet pills, such as iSatori Garcinia Trim, for no longer than 12 weeks. [4]

Similarly, pregnant or breastfeeding women should not use iSatori Garcinia Trim until HCA’s effects are more clearly understood. [4]

Where Can I Buy It?

In early May 2013, Garcinia Trim will be available from GNC, Vitamin World, and Europa Sports.

So far, only Vitamin World has revealed its price on Garcinia Trim: $39.99 for 120 capsules.

What Do Consumers Say About It?

Since this is a new diet pill, customers haven’t used it or reviewed it yet. As reviews become available, be sure to check them before buying Garcinia Trim.

Is Garcinia Trim a Good Diet Pill?

Right now, it’s too early to tell if Garcinia Trim is an effective diet pill. The research on garcinia cambogia and HCA is promising, but the ingredient’s effectiveness depends on dosing. Without knowing the HCA dosage , I cannot recommend Garcinia Trim as a diet pill.


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