Body & Thigh Slim Review

What areas of your body do you feel like you are constantly battling to make trim and firm? If you’re like me, your thighs and stomach are probably the biggest problem areas.

If a product claimed you could burn fat in those areas and experience a boost in energy simply by taking a supplement would you do it? I know it would be tempting for me.

Body & Thigh Slim claims to help target fat around the thighs, abdomen, and stomach and help you lose weight using only natural ingredients. An added bonus, Body & Thigh Slim promises to deliver these results without exercise!

The combination of their two key ingredients, green tea and resveratrol supposedly increases your energy and triples your weight loss results from exercise alone. In addition to fat burning and energy boosting, Body & Thigh Slim promises to help suppress your appetite, helping you resist the temptation to overeat.

How fast does Body & Thigh Slim work? Body & Thigh Slim claims that you will feel a difference in your energy levels within just minutes of taking it. Weight loss results should occur within a few weeks.

Will Body & Thigh Slim really help you burn fat and lose weight? The best way to evaluate any diet pill is by its ingredient formula, so let’s take a look.

Body & Thigh Slim Ingredients

The Body & Thigh Slim website does not provide a complete list of ingredients, but it does provide these highlights:

• Green Tea Leaf Extracts
• Calcium
• Chromium
• Resveratrol

What makes the Body & Thigh Slim ingredient formula unique? Not much to be honest.

Green Tea Extract definitely has weight loss potential—it is clinically proven to help speed up your metabolism.

However, as with any clinically proven ingredient, it’s important that Body & Thigh Slim contains the right amount of green tea. We don’t know the amounts of any of the ingredients in Body & Thigh Slim because the website does not provide this crucial information.

Body & Thigh Slim Marketing

Body & Thigh Slim relies a lot on over-the-top promises that will appeal to many dieters. For example, they promise that you can burn fat and lose weight without any exercise. While that would be awesome, it’s more than a little unrealistic.

Body & Thigh Slim Guarantee

Body & Thigh Slim does offer a 30-day money back guarantee. The listed retail price for Body & Thigh Slim is $79.95.

For a diet pill with only one proven weight loss ingredient, $80 is pretty steep.

Body & Thigh Slim Conclusion

Body & Thigh Slim relies too heavily on one ingredient to give you weight loss results. The best diet pills contain several ingredients that will work to burn fat and suppress your appetite.

Without more weight loss ingredients, it’s doubtful that Body & Thigh Slim will help
you shed fat in any area—much less in problem areas like your stomach and thighs.

The high price and outrageous promises make Body & Thigh Slim a difficult diet pill to recommend. You might be better off checking out top diet pills with proven, safe, and guaranteed results.

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