Creative BioScience 30 Day Diet Review

30 day diet

30 Day Diet is being advertised as the ultimate solution to help you “lose up to a pound a day” with the use of all-natural and clinically proven ingredients for weight loss.

Although experts recommend losing about 1-2 pounds per week to stay healthy while losing weight, 30 Day Diet supposedly increases this amount significantly, which makes me wonder if this diet pill is too good to be true.

Inside 30 Day Diet

When I first took a look at 30 Day Diet Pill, I was immediately impressed with the use of superfruits and other clinically proven ingredients for weight. Many of which could be found in the leading diet pill Apidextra, which you can read about at

Chromium: This essential mineral plays a key role in your metabolism, keeping your blood sugar levels carefully under control so you feel less hungry during the day.

Lychee Fruit: Although not as popular as the acai, the Lychee fruit is super fruit rich in antioxidants that can help improve cardiovascular health.

African Mango: Clincially proven to reduce cholesterol levels and improve BMI, African mango is a fiber-rich super fruit that can trick your brain into feeling fuller for longer periods of time.

Caffeine: This stimulants is one of the most widely accepted and thoroughly researched ingredients for weight loss on the market. Studies have shown again and again that caffeine can effectively boost your energy levels and caloric expenditure for amazing weight loss results.

How to use 30 Day Diet

Manufacturers recommend that you take 2 capsules of 30 Day diet 30 minutes before breakfast alongside a full glass of water. They also go on to suggest that dieters continue to drink plenty of water throughout the day to help keep your metabolism running at peak condition.

This seems easy enough, just pop a pill and you’re on your way. However, there’s more to 30 Day Diet than meets the eye. A closer look at advertisements reveals that 30 Day Diet should be used in conjunction with a 800-1200 calorie diet, which will definitely help you lose weight but is a little extreme to be safe.

Although 30 Day Diet provides a nice boost with vitamins, minerals, etc., it’s not enough to compensate for the fact that your body probably won’t be getting enough nutrients while on this diet.

Product Pricing and Guarantee

30 day diet pill can be purchased from creative biosciences for nearly $60 a bottle, which makes it a little more expensive than your average diet pill, but not by much.
If you order from the manufacturers, you also gain access to charts, recipes, instructions, and unlimited support

Is it Worth it?

apidextraThough I think the ingredients for 30 day diet have some definite potential for helping dieters lose a few extra pounds, I’m not sure if the risk of side effects and the high retail price are worth it. 30 day diet seems to offer some solid results, but not to the extremes of 1 lb. a day, especially if you want to lose weight safely.

I think you’d be better off trying a supplement such as Apidextra completely risk from (when purchased from, due to the fact that it encourages healthy weight loss through the use of all-natural ingredients. Like 30 Day Diet, Apidextra offers African Mango and caffeine to help put you on the right track for losing weight.

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  1. Lisa's Review

    I have started taking this 2 weeks ago so far so good. It also says you can take it with whatever diet you are on I was doing the slim fast diet for 3 weeks. So I combined them since 2 weeks ago I have lost 13 pounds. I feel great no side effect except weight loss. Slim fast diet is also 1200 calories a day. with the pills though I am not ready to strangle anyone by lunch time. :)

  2. DIVINECA77's Review


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