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fastinFastin was originally sold as a pharmaceutical diet pill with phentermine–an appetite-suppressant. But in 1998, this version of Fastin was withdrawn from the market by its maker, Smith Kline Beecham.

King Pharmaceuticals was the manufacturer/distributor of Fastin and no doubt did not want to lose what had become a valuable brand name. So they “reformulated” Fastin without phentermine.

Today, the main ingredient in Fastin is phenylethylamine, which is also found in the top-rated diet pill Phenphedrine.

The New Fastin Formula

It’s important to realize that the Fastin, which contained phentermine, is not the product you’ll see on store shelves today. Instead, it’s a diet pill owned by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals with completely different ingredients marketed under the same name.

Fastin has a 245 mg proprietary blend of these ingredients:

• Phenylethylamine HCL
• R-Beta-Methylphenylethylamine
• Methylphenylethylamine tartrate
• Methylsynephrine HCL
• N-Methyl-phenylethylamine HCL
• Synephrine HCL
• Theobromine Anhydrous
• Yohimbine HCL

Phenylethylamines–or the top 5 ingredients in Fastin–are related to amphetamines. They may increase extracellular levels of dopamine; helping to alleviate depression and promote feelings of pleasure. As for its application to weight loss, there is no direct connection.

Synephrine is a stimulant. In clinical studies, it was shown to increase the rate of fat metabolism, reduce hunger, and boost energy. Some people are skeptical of this ingredient, because it’s often compared to the banned ephedra. However, the studies I found show that it can work without causing serious side effects.

Theobromine is a bitter alkaloid of the cacao plant. It can act as a stimulant to boost metabolic functions, which may help the body burn more calories.

Yohimbe is known as an aphrodisiac and is often included in male enhancement products and diet pills. Some studies show that it promotes fat loss by inhibiting alpha 2 receptors. If uninhibited, these receptors could prevent your body from burning fat; especially if you’re dieting.

Caffeine Anhydrous (100 mg) is also an ingredient in Fastin, but it isn’t part of the proprietary blend. Studies show that this stimulant speeds up fat burn and increases energy.

Will Fastin Cause Side Effects?

Fastin’s formula is 100% stimulants, and not all of them are considered to be safe. So I think there is a chance that it could cause side effects.

If you’re sensitive to stimulants, you could experience jitteriness, sweating, increased heart rate and blood pressure, and insomnia while using Fastin. If you fit under the “sensitive” category, I recommend trying a milder diet pill than Fastin.

Yohimbe is considered to be “possibly unsafe” by It has been linked to reports of kidney failure, rapid or irregular heartbeat, seizure, and heart attack. Products that use yohimbe typically have 10-20 mg. I’m not sure how much Fastin has.

I wasn’t able to find any customer reviews for Fastin, so I’m not sure if, or how often, users report side effects.

How to Use It

Each bottle of Fastin has 60 tablets and you’re supposed to take 2-3 a day. If you’re just starting to use Fastin, it would be best to only take 1-2 tablets a day. This will give your body a chance to adjust and it may help reduce initial side effects. You should never take more than 4 tablets a day.

Based on my research, I think the best time to take Fastin is before a meal or exercise. Always take it with water; and if you experience stomach upset, you may want to take it with a little food.

If you want to get the best results while using Fastin, I recommend combining it with a healthy, low-calorie diet and regular cardio exercise. This should help you burn fat faster and get results sooner.

The Cost & Guarantee

Fastin is not cheap. When you buy it from the official website, one bottle costs $89.95! And depending on how many tablets you take that bottle will only last for 20-30 days.

A 30-tablet bottle of Fastin is available for $29.99 on But considering that you’ll need 2 of these bottles to have a month supply, Fastin is still not very affordable.

I couldn’t find a retailer who offers a money back guarantee.

Is Fastin a Good Value?

If you can handle a powerful diet pill, I think Fastin could help you lose weight. But I’m hesitant to recommend it because it’s not completely safe and it only has a few clinically proven ingredients. Fastin is also very expensive and it doesn’t come guaranteed, so I’m not confident that you’ll get your money’s worth from it.

I feel more confident recommending Phenphedrine. It has several clinically proven ingredients and no harmful ingredients. Phenphedrine is very popular and it comes highly-recommended by users. It also costs less than Fastin and it’s backed by a 90-day 100% money back guarantee.

Visit to learn more.

If you’ve tried Fastin, I would love to hear your opinion of it. Please share your comments, negative or positive, below.

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  1. K ISIDORO's Review


  2. Kristin Swartz's Review

    i have been taking fastin for two weeks and i am very happy with this product so far. it makes me have alot of energy i wouldn’t have on a regular basis. I have been in a good mood since i started taking this pill. I have lost 10 pounds in two weeks. the only side affect i do not like about this pill is that it makes me have a rapid heartbeat for long periods of time.

  3. Griffsteph1's Review

    If you are a busy mom like me, then this is for you what better benifit is there with no time to sit down and drink coffee, than to take a pill get energy, and lose weight! I love the energy and can still sleep at night. And the cost is nothing if you buy a bottle from a local drug store, like CVS, or Walgreens.

  4. Griffsteph1's Review

    If you are a busy mom like me, then this is for you what better benifit is there with no time to sit down and drink coffee, than to take a pill get energy, and lose weight! I love the energy and can still sleep at night. And the cost is nothing if you buy a bottle from a local drug store, like CVS, or Walgreens.

  5. GRC's Review

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this pill! Works wonders for me! So glad I didn’t have to get an RX for this! Have lost 6 pounds in two weeks. Goal is to lose 20.

  6. Theresa's Review

    wow! I just purchased this last night at Wal Mart! I am seriously needing to loose about 100 lbs. I hope this will do it, or I will have to choose to have the gastric sleeve as I am in the planning stages and under dr. care to have that done this summer. I am at the point now I will try anything. Email me with comment or suggestions. th186607 gmail address. Thanks

  7. seawolf34's Review

    This was the worst thing I have ever taken. Let me tell you my 3 day story with this crap.

    The first day I took it I felt great. I felt like I could do anything I was so pumped up and ready for the day. I ran around my office like I was superman. My brain was kicking ass and I felt completely untouchable, but it didn’t last. By the second day I started to feel sick but I thought this was part of my body getting used to the supplement. I had the jitters and felt very nervous. I wasn’t hungry at all and I didn’t eat, I didn’t even want to because I felt so sick. Later on in the afternoon I started to level out. I felt normal. That night I didn’t sleep, I was up all night because my mind was racing and would not stop. By the time morning came around I was miserable. I was mentally exhausted. I kept trying to convince myslef that my body was just trying to get used to this drug. I took another pill and worked out that morning. I started to feel good after my work out and I got ready to start my day. I took another pill around 9 and about 30 minutes later I started to feel sick again so I ate a granola bar to settle my stomach (it worked). I started to notice in the afternoon after I took my third pill that I felt depressed. I was real down and I even had coworkers asking me what was wrong. I didn’t feel like doing anything but sit and stare at my computer screen. I couldn’t wait until 5:30 when I was able to leave and go home. I took my fourth pill, like an idiot, still thinking that my body was just trying to get used to this. I was in bad shape after taking this fourth pill. I’m not the type of person that feels sorry for myself but damn I was thinking of every bad thing that has ever happened to me in my life. I’m usually a happy person. I’m very outgoing and positive and all these negative feelings were overwhelming me and making me feel horrible. I fell asleep about 9 that night and slept like a rock. I woke up about 7 in the morning and I felt better. I decided not to take the pills anymore just to see what would happen. I worked out, I ate breakfast and drank a cup of coffee and I felt like my old self again. I went to work and felt good. My life was back to normal. I jumped on our shipping scale at work and in 3 days I lost 5 lbs.

    My 3 days with Fastin was by far some of the weirdest, painful and overwhelming days of my life. I threw the remainder of the bottle away and smiled while I did it. I’m not sure why these pills did to me what they did but all I can say is research them before you waste your money. After my horrible experience I reseached them and found out that one of the side effects is mild depression. If you want to lose weight this is the way to do it. They will depress the shit out of you to the point where you will not want to do a damn thing. They’ll make you sick to the point where even the thought of food turns your stomach. I took these pills as directed. I never took more than 4 in one day and I never drank an ounce of alcohol. I’m not on any psychotropic drugs or do I take any illegal drugs. I will always have a bad taste in my mouth when I hear the word Fastin. I hope this review helps with your choice to buy Fastin.

  8. Angel's Review

    Fastin is an awesome diet pill my suggestions for you is only take it 6 days a week. That way you give yourself a chance on the seventh day to eat less and see how you do without the pill. Drink lots of water. This pill works different ways on everyone. In the previous comment it had mentioned this pill caused depression, I have found it to be helpful for my depression. It seams if you take more than 2 a day, it is true, it is hard to sleep and you may feel sick, however I have been taking this pill for quite sometime now. I like to take one before breakfast and one before lunch. I am not a Dr or anything but I strongly advise you do not take this pill after 2 pm or you will be sure to stay up all night! If you feel sick while taking this pill make sure you eat. Also it seams to be helpful if you take a multi- vitamin pill with this as well. I get dissy (light headed) after a while on this pill. If this happens I suggest you do not take the pill the next day and watch what you take in.
    NOTE: this post is just by experience from a friend Not Directions On How to use this product.

    • Adphotogirl's Review

      Can you buy it in a store or just online

      • Stacey's Review

        I was told to buy it at Walmart :) Good luck..thats where I am going to go!

  9. Misty Minton's Review

    i live in oklahoma . and was very happy with fastin , it gave me the weight loss i need plus energy i needed to keep me busy. but the walmart stores stopped carrying it and pulled all off of the shelf. (gnc stores still carry irt, also k-mart, walgreens, and some other drug stores.

  10. pro-dieter's Review

    I tried fastin for 2 months and lost 6 lbs fast. I got headaches when I tried to stop taking fastin and also suffered from leg cramps and rapid heart beat and moodiness. Once I got off Fastin, while following a 1400 calorie diet the water weight came back. Fastin seems to make you loose water weight, real weight loss has to come from exercise or surgery folks! Bottom line!

  11. 1durwmn's Review

    I’ve been using fastin for 2 months. I take 1 in the morning before my walk, and another in the after noon before lunch. This pill is very strong. I really makes me jittery and kills my appetite. I don’t even like to smell food when I take fastin. If I take too much, my heart races,and I turn RED. It’s scary. So I know not to over do it. It also makes me pee a lot. Maybe it has a diuretic in it. With that said. I did lose 18 lbs. And I feel great.I buy it @ cvs and it’s not that expensive considering I was pay 4 times as much for phentermine, which gave me the same results. I don’t see a difference between the two. They even taste the same. I hope this Xoxo.

  12. Luis89030's Review

    I has been taking fastin before and it really works,you get more energy during the day as they say but the only side effects that i fell and thats why i stop for a few weeks its that it make me cum with out an erection a few minutes after a take them.But it only happen when i take two at the same time,im trying to lose weith right now and fastin its the only pills that really helps to give energy.

  13. yogi bear's Review

    I love fastin. Tons of energy made me sweat like crazy. I take 2pills about an hour before i go to work. And when i get there i get stuff done in an hour when it used to take 3 hours. Im 21 years old, 6’2, 290 lbs. Im hoping to get around 225 by the end of 2013. With fastin i should get there pretty quick.

  14. Nicole's Review

    I like fastin and have taken it before! I love it. Don’t over do it. I quit taking for a long time and then started again, taking what I took the last time I was on it. I should have started smaller and built my way up. It’s a good pill but I would just start with a lower dose and see what your body could handle. I got jitters, high pulse rate, higher bp, and could do nothing but sit and rest.

  15. Andrew k's Review

    So I’m a professional bodybuilder and use fastin xr pre competition for extreme cutting of viceral fat stores. This product actually works as intended, it reduces appetite and increases metabolism. You have to understand though that the main ingredient is an analog of exstacy and amphetamine. This is a designer chemical that mimics a powerful narcotic in every way. It effects your nervous system and dopamine stores. Imagine taking exstacy daily, you’re going to seriously damage your brains chemical productions. Taking for an extended period of time can lead to depression and dependence. It works and I use it, but for as little time as possible and only to burn fat that your body is hard wired to not burn unless you’re starving. I also use anabolic steroids to get past a human bodies natural limits. Before you mess with chemicals you need to extensively research them and treat them with care. The main focus should be on fitness and nutrition and this is merely a kickstart or a help to get over that hump. As with any drug it can be safe if taken correctly, but if abused expect to hurt yourself. As a steroid user I have to be constantly on point with my mental state to stop from abuse so I can remain in safe pharmaceutical doses. Remember drugs aren’t all bad if taken correctly. Amphetamine, exstacy, cocaine… All these things were marketed as perscription medication until people abused them.

  16. Amanda's Review

    Has anyone ever taken thus and had high but controlled blood pressure with medicine I have been to the diet doctor and am currently on phentramine and they know of my blood pressure was just wondering if anyone had taken this while on BP meds?

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