Hyperdrive 3.0 Review

 width=Hyperdrive 3.0 is a new version of their previous diet pill, Venom Hyperdrive. It comes from a company called ALR and is coined as being a “Daytime Energy & Fat Loss Formula.” According to their website, Hyperdrive 3.0 “is specifically formulated for healthy adults seeking the most aggressive formulation for fat loss” and is “a synergistic blend of potent herbal derivatives specifically selected to yield the most potent daytime fat loss formula legally available.”

Hyperdrive 3.0 Claims

They further claim that Hyperdrive 3.0 is designed to aid in weight loss through the following:

  • Thermogenesis/Energy
  • Targets stored fat
  • Provides appetite control
  • Mood/Fucus

So is Hyperdrive 3.0 all it claims to be? This Hyperdrive 3.0 review will check it out.

Hyperdrive 3.0 Ingredients

Cocoamine – A patent pending formula of cocoa, giving you the benefits of chocolate without the sugars, etc.

Phenylethylamine – An alkaloid that works as a neurotransmitter in the brain, Phenethylamine is claimed to help increase the levels of dopamine. The increase in dopamine is meant to make you “feel better.” The effectiveness is still up in the air. Don’t plan on it doing much to help you lose weight.

Caffeine – Caffeine is a quality diet pill ingredient proven to increase your metabolic rate, aiding in weight loss.

Octopamine – Research hasn’t shown that octopamine is effective in weight loss at all.

Tyrosine – An amino acid that helps cells to synthesize proteins. Some studies have shown that L-Tyrosine may be effective in weight loss.

Guggulsterones – Guggulsterones supposedly help in thyroid stimulation, but research is lacking as to whether or not guggulsterones are effective in weight loss.

L-Carnitine – The little research that has been done on L-Carnitine is not supportive of its claim to aid in weight loss.

Hoodia Gordonii – Probably the most popular and the worst diet pill ingredient on the market. Hoodia has absolutely zero evidence backing up its claims that it acts as an appetite suppressant.

Hyperdrive 3.0 has some quality ingredients as well as some worthless ones. The fact still remains, however, all those ingredients have to fit into 605 mg. With so many ingredients, it’s highly unlikely that any of these ingredients have the correct amounts to be effective. Yet another proprietary formula rears its ugly head.

Hyperdrive 3.0’s Marketing

We do like that there is a focus on ingredients on their website. Even though some of the ingredients are very good, it’s still a plus. Many diet pills show almost zero information about their ingredients. They also avoid the flashy before and after photos and fake testimonials, which is a good thing. Hyperdrive 3.0 is geared towards a bit more of the “hardcore” crowd, apparent from it trying to sound “harder” than it probably actually is.

Hyperdrive 3.0’s Price

$33.99 for 90 capsules.

Hyperdrive 3.0’s Guarantee

No apparent money back guarantee


Hyperdrive 3.0 has quite a few ingredients on their label. Some of these are good, some of them won’t do much, if anything for you. Their price is decent but they don’t have a money back guarantee. We suggest you find a diet pill with all proven ingredients at fully disclosed amounts.

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  1. Laina Jensen's Review

    Hello … I am the CFO of ALR Industries and this has been forwarded to our legal department. Hyperdrive 3.0 WAS NOT FLAGGED by the FDA .. VENOM HYPERDRIVE WAS. So before you go printing erroneous statements please get your facts straight. I highly suggest a retraction is printed as I stated this will be forwarded to our legal dept. legal@alrindustries.com

    Laina Jensen

    CFO ALR Industries

    • admin's Review

      Hello Laina,
      I sincerely appreciate you bringing this to our attention, we do our best to provide consumers with the facts. We apologize for the mixup and will be sure to fix our error. Please let us know the best place to purchase your products and we will be sure to place a link in our review.
      Kindest Regards,

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