Jet Fuel Review

 width=A “premium cutting and hardening compound,” Jet Fuel promises to transform your lean body composition, control your appetite, and give you increased energy. I guess we’ll see about that. Here’s what I could find about the ingredients in Jet Fuel:


  • Vitamin B3 25 mg
  • Vitamin B12 333mcg

Jetfuel Proprietary Blend 1207 mg

Caffeine Anhydrous, Guarana, Green Tea-All of these ingredients are common stimulants that will boost your energy and may help raise your metabolism.

Guggelsterones-Most diet pill companies include guggulsterones while touting its claimed fat buring capabilities. The claim is that the guggelsterones help in thyroid stimulation, hence helping your metabolism. Unfortunately, research is somewhat lacking regarding these claims. Some studies seem supportive, while others question it. Also, don’t be tricked into thinking that the E and Z are two totally different things. Almost any diet pill that contains guggulsterones is likely using this same E and Z formulation.

5-HTP-5-Hydroxytryptophan, or 5-HTP, is an amino acid and is involved with serotonin. Will the better mood that is induced by the 5-HTP cause you to lose weight? No. But can it have a positive effect when combined with other weight loss supplements to accompany your exercise? Sure.

L-Theanine-An amino acid found in tea, L-Theanine has psychoactive properties that have been shown in studies to help reduce stress. Does lower stress correlate directly with weight loss? No. Is it helpful? Sure.

The Jet Fuel website says that the Jet Fuel formula is “Brazilian herbal,” and they claim that one dose is equal to an eight-ounce energy drink–which is where all those stimulants come into play. And while there are ingredients in Jet Fuel that may help when it comes to weight loss, there aren’t any ingredients with any significant research to back up these claims.

Jet Fuel’s Marketing

Marketed directly toward a muscle-building crowd, Jet Fuel makes it very clear that they want to help you bulk up and lose extra fat quickly. What I do like about the Jet Fuel website is their use of video testimonials. There are more than 15 videos that you can click on and listen to personal recommendations for this product. These testimonials are all from bodybuilders who swear that Jet Fuel helped them get more cut and defined. And while this might not appeal to a lay audience, men and women who are looking for some serious muscle definition could definitely be persuaded to try this product.

Jet Fuel Price

From the Jet Fuel website you can sign up for a free sample or be directed to a retail who sells this product. Prices range from $29.95 at to $44.95 at GNC.

Jet Fuel Guarantee

There is no guarantee mentioned on the Jet Fuel website. The individual retailers who sell this product may offer their own in-store guarantees, but I wouldn’t count on it.


The biggest issue I have with Jet Fuel is that there is no significant research to back up any other their claims. Their testimonials seem pretty legit and the price for this product is reasonable, but besides that you are on your own to determine if this product works. Plus, with no guarantee it is hard to recommend any diet pill. If you are interested in this diet pill, I would recommend the free sample and then go from there. Maybe you can let us know if this product works or not.

4 Jet Fuel Reviews

  1. Gloria L Miller's Review

    i would like an exampleo of jet fuel

  2. Armando's Review

    I’ve been using Jet fuel for a week now and it has decreased my appetite. My energy level is a bit better. so far i can’t complain, its doing what I need it to do

  3. erika's Review

    My sister in law swears by it and while she was in town this weekend she gave me and my husband one. i took it yesterday morning around 8 and was full energy until about midnight last night. i only ate one time, and then it wasn’t because i was hungry, but because i was having lunch with a friend and eating is what you do. no jitters, full energy, no hunger. i’m going to buy my own bottle asap!

  4. brenda's Review

    I used a the entire bottle of jet fuel and I did not lose any weight. I liked taking it because it gave me an extreme amount of energy, but after a couple of weeks I wieght myself and did not lose a pound, but I kept taking it because of the energy. but it did give me extreme headaches if I didn’t take a pill, so sometimes I took the pill so the headache could go away.

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