Leptopril Review

 width=Leptopril claims to provide “significant wieght loss at an affordable price!” In addition, they say that Leptropril is the “Same powerful Leptoprin-SD formula, same full strength dosage, same amazing weight loss, but for less than half the price!”

Well, its definitely the same formula as Leptoprin-SD, but I don’t think that the word “powerful” deserves to be in same sentence. A little research showed that the company providing Leptopril (Generix Laboratories) and that providing Leptoprin-SD (A.G. Waterhouse) are, in fact, one in the same. Our Leptorrin-SD review wasn’t very nice at all, and so I’m sure you can imagine how this one will be.

Leptopril Ingredients

There are some other ingredients, but these are the main ones that stick out and at least have some claims to weight loss.

Green Tee – A proven weight loss supplement, green tea is known to increase energy and fat oxidation. While we are huge fans of green tea (because it is backed by a ton of well documented, legitimate research), Leptoprin SD doesn’t disclose how much of the ingredient is included, hence, we can say whether it will be effective or not.

L-tyrosine – Has been shown to burn more calories during workouts. Again, Leptoprin SD doesn’t allow us to say whether or not there is a correct amount of it in there.

Kelp – Lacks serious research supporting its claims to aid in weight loss.

Leptopril’s Marketing

Leptropril is marketed by a subsidiary of Basic Research called Generix Laboratories, which company has been under quite a bit scrutiny for allegedly falsifying research and clinical studies. Any company that is under scrutiny of FTC is one that I would stay far, far away from. Bad business practices usually equal bad product.

Leptopril’s Price

Obviously this company has simply taken the exact same product, labeled it with a different name, and cut the price in half, hoping that you’ll buy it. They created a seperate “company name” (Generix Labs) to make you think that it was some kind of “generic pill maker.” Well now that we know that it is the same company and they are using the same ingredients, what does that tell you about Leptoprin-SD? That it is WAY overpriced at $153 per bottle (which I pointed out in the Leptoprin-SD review). Wow this is a shady company.

While $74.99 per bottle for Leptopril is a whole lot cheaper that $153 for same thing, that is still an extremlely high price for what you are getting. Besides, coming from a company like this, I don’t think I’d buy it if it was free.

Leptroprin SD’s Guarantee

I saw no information about a guarantee on their site. Go figure.


Another worthless product from a company that is employing extremely shameful marketing tactics (taking one product and selling it as two). The amounts of the ingredients aren’t disclosed and even at “half off” the price is way to high. For that price, you could easily buy some of the best diet pills around (that are both proven and whose amounts are fully disclosed). Avoid Leptopril (and Leptroprin-SD for that matter) at all costs. Thumbs down.

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