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 width=Lipo 6 claims to be “the ideal fat burner for men and women who want to win the fight against body fat.” One of their big sells is that they use liquid capsules that provide “maximum strength” and “rapid result.” They go on to say that “Lipo-6 consists of pure pharmaceutical-strenth ingredients and does not contain inferior herbal compunds that cannot be efficiently absorbed by the human body. This allows for a pronounced, yet consistent and preditable, fat0loss effect with Lipo-6 as opposed to a guessing game in so called other fat burners that rely on herbal ingredients.”

This Lipo-6 review will take a better look at the actual ingredients included to see if it is all that the website claims that it is.

Lipo-6 Ingredients

Synephrine – Another strong stimulant, synephrine has been shown in some clinical studies to promote weight loss. Some warn of adverse side effects common with stimulants. It’s becoming more and more popular among diet pills, and probably for good reason.

Guggulsterones Z&E – Guggulsterones have been shown in some studies to help in weight loss through optimizing thyroid functions. Many suggest that there needs to be more research to be definitive.

Yohimbine HCL – Has been shown in some studies to increase fatty acid mobilization.

Caffeine Anhydrous – A fancy name for caffeine, caffeine anhydrous is one of the few ingredients that has been proven to aid in weight loss time and time again. Its known to increase energy levels dramitacally, having an large impact during exercise.

Bioperine (5 mg) -While Bioperine doesn’t have a ton of documented research backing it, it reportedly helps in the nutrient absorption. The idea is that the better your body obsorbs the nutrients, the more healthy and likely to lose weight it becomes.

Lipo-6 is definitely a stimulant based pill. The two ingredients that will likely be effective are synephrine and the caffeine. The others aren’t necessarily bad ingredients, but some more research is needed to be declared proven. We do like that Lipo-6 disclosed the amounts of the ingredients.

A note should be said to those who are considering Lipo-6 who may not fare well with stimulants such as caffeine. This diet pill appears to have a good amount of stimulants that may effect you adversly. If you easily get jitters or other side effects from stimulants, Lipo-6 is probably a poor choice in a diet pill.

Lipo-6’s Marketing

From the looks of it, Lipo-6 is strongly marketed to the weightlifters that could also lose a few pounds. Regretably, they provide little information on the ingredients actually included in the diet pill and focus more on a sales pitch and success stories. The majority of their marketing is done through before and photos (and you all know how I feel about those). These photos, in particular, stick out. The before photos are average, but the after photos look like something off of a weightlifting magazine! Some may see this as a positive selling point. For me, it just makes the results (or the lack of results related directly to the diet pill) even more transparent. It is painfully obvious that these subjects have gone through some serious weight lifting and exercise regimes in order to end up with the body that they did. I’m guessing it was a complete overhaul of lifestyle (which is a great thing, but the diet pill isn’t what is causing such results).

This is all explained by the small note at the bottom of the pictures: “Regular exercise & proper nutrition are essential for achieving your weight-loss goals. Individuals shown have been remunerated. Results not typical. As individuals vary so will results.

For those wondering, remunerated means that they have been paid for their involvement. This poses two problems. The results are obviously biased. And its very possible that Lipo-6 went to great extremes to help these subjects lose the weight that they did (providing personal trainers, etc.). I’m just speculating here, but it certainly doesn’t seem to far fetched does it?

Also, the only photos they provide are showing results that are “not typical.” I don’t know about you, but I’d like to see some typical (e.i. most likely) results. What can I expect from this product if I don’t work out 8 hours a day?

Lipo-6’s Price

$44.95 gets you one bottle. This is a pretty average price for a diet pill.

Lipo-6’s Guarantee

You can return your product within 30 days of the invoice date and you must have a return authorization number (which I imagine you have to call to get). 30 days certainly isn’t a very long guarantee, and its definitely not a “no questions asked” return policy. I’m again speculating, but it doesn’t sound like you’ll have an easy time getting your money back if it doesn’t work.


Lipo-6 is a mixed bag in our opinion. When looking at the ingredient profile, it seems like it might be a decent product. The ingredients are proven for the most part and the amounts seem…ok. Not great, but decent. The marketing throws us off a little bit. Why not include some before and photos of “typical” results? It seems a bit hyped up, which always gets a little nervous. Lipo-6 gets a pretty neutral review. I’m sure you can find better alternatives out there.

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  1. Jessica's Review

    I have to say that Lipo 6 did not work for me. Initally it was loosing some weight but after a while it made me constipated. Diet pills that I have taken in the past allowed me to eat whatever I wanted and at least still achieve results. Not the same daily weight loss that I experienced when I was eating well but at least a pound or half a pound daily. After being on Lipo 6 for a few weeks my weight didnt move. Eventhough I was actually limiting my junkfood intake and exercising 4 to 5 times a week.

  2. Ms.Dion Ryan's Review

    I liked the Lipo-6 .I was losing weight and enjoying it coming off easily.Now I can longer find it.It was the only one that seemed to work.I had competition with another family member about weight.I refused to tell her what help me shed my pounds.Help me get more Lipo-6.Things was looking promising ,for me.I kept getting compliment thanx to the product.

  3. ranga's Review

    I am fitness freak. Someone who hits gym regularily. Can run non stop on treadmill for about 10kms in 1 hour. But still i am not able to get rid of my belly and love handles. Its like my tummy fat has become a permanent part of my body like bones. I play really good tennis as well. After a thorough research on internet i came across Lipo 6. I bought one pack of 120 tablets the regular one. I am eating two tablets per day two before morning workout and two before lunch since last two weeks and this week i started eating 4 tablets. I am burning almost 800 calories in about 10km workout everyday on treadmil,stepper and by doing cycling for around 90mins workout all 7 days of the week. I am not even eating half of what i regularily use to eat. I am eating lot of fruits and juices. I am avoiding junk food and rice. I am only eating sprouts, fruits and brown bread in my daily diet.
    Please suggest if i am doing anything wrong. I was weighing 75 kg before starting this diet suppliment and even today i am 75 kg. I am still wondering what etc i have to do to get rid of my etc fat.

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