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The safest and most effective way to tell if a diet pill will produce results is to look at the label. If you see a formula with a ridiculously long list of supposedly scientific sound names, watch out. If you find a formula that hides its ingredients behind a proprietary blend, then that should send up another red flag. If the price tag is ridiculously high and you only see a few popular ingredients on the label, then keep a firm grip on your credit card. However, what about simple formulas that play it safe and simple?

Lipo30, for example, claims to work by using clinically proven ingredients in their clinically proven amounts, and when used correctly, these same ingredients can help you lose more weight than ever before. Backed by science and developed by professionals, Lipo30 appears to be a safe and effective formula that targets fat from multiple angles. No fancy packaging. No celebrity endorsements. No enormous claims for extreme success. Just pure and simple claims for weight loss.

We’ve reviewed a lot of diet pills and products and for the most part, we see the same claims to burn fat, suppress, appetite, and increase energy over and over and over again. If you were to judge solely on the claims alone, Lipo30 would seem like an ordinary run-of-the-mill formula. Yet with its glowing customer reviews and increasing popularity in the market, we can’t help but wonder, what will this product work when so many others have failed?

Does Lipo30 Have Natural Weight Loss Ingredients?

If you were to take a closer look at Lipo30’s ingredients you’d see that it keeps its formula to the bare essentials, providing consumers with time-tested ingredients backed by clinical studies. A few of the ingredients are as follows:

• Phytosome Green Tea – Rich in Catechins and antioxidants, Phytosome Green Tea can boost your metabolism while cleansing the body of harmful environmental toxins.

• African Mango – This rare and exotic superfruit is packed with fiber and antioxidants, working with your digestive system to keep your appetite under control.

• Chromax – A patented form of chromium, this ingredient keeps your blood sugar in check and is commonly used among diabetics to keep insulin levels from dropping or spiking.

• Cissus Quadrangularis – Studies have shown that this ingredient can speed recovery time and reduce the risk of injury, and there is evidence to suggest that this ingredient may promote weight loss as well.

Is Lipo30 Safe?

Because Lipo30 has green tea, it is possible that Lipo30 could potentially cause certain side effects, the most common being things like jitters and trouble sleeping. However, most customers and reviews we have seen so far seem to report few if any side effects, even with this amount of caffeine.

Is Lipo30 a Viable Diet Pill?

Lipo30 uses what are clearly clinically proven weight loss ingredients. Some may think that because Lipo30 does not commonly cause side effects according to customer reviews, this supplement must not be effective enough or strong enough to promote healthy weight loss. So far though, we have found that reviews seem to tell a much better story.

From what we can tell, Lipo30 seems to offer the best of all sides, giving customers a real opportunity to get the best that natural diet pills can offer. We are not saying that Lipo30 will help every person every time. However, based on our experience, we can say that Lipo30 has a very good chance of coming as close as a diet pill really can for an affordable price, which is not something that we can say a great deal of other diet pills. You can read more about Lipo30 here.

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