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 width=Lipovox is another diet pill based on the 10 superfoods made famous by Oprah and others. What we like about Lipovox is that it is not just banking on the 10 superfoods, but it also includes green tea (a proven weight loss ingredient) and other good ingredients. It claims to “Burn up to 400% more fat than with just diet and exercise alone!”

With the popularity of the ’10 superfoods’ lately, we’ve seen quite a few diet pills popping up that use the superfoods formula. In our humble opinion, however, Lipovox seems to be a cut above most of them mostly because of added ingredients. This Lipovox review will give you a better look at what Lipovox has to offer to see if it may be the right weight loss solution for you.

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Green Tea – Grean Tea has been proven to aid in weight loss due to increasing your metabolic rate.

The 10 superfoods have been hailed as the 10 healthiest foods that one can eat. What Lipovox has done is to consolidate all of the the foods into pill.  Arguments can be made as to how much better it is to eat the actual foods, but the pill is sure to provide you a good heap of the benefit.

The green tea in ingredient profile should do a good job of helping you to burn the calories that you need.  The other ingredients are excellent health supplements that are sure to help. Again, the reason we like Lipovox over other superfood formulas is because of the inclusion of the green tea. So, if you’re looking at superfoods-based diet pill, we say give Lipovox a try.

Lipovox’s Marketing

They open the website with a story about a person who ate the 10 superfoods (in the food form) for 10 days and had fantastic results (better skin, more energy, and weight loss). They then decided to put all of those superfoods into a pill form to save money and to make it easier. And that’s how Lipovox was born. I’m not sure whether the whole story is completely true or not, but it definitely believable.

What we do like is all of the information that they provide about the ingredients. We always like to see an ingredient focused website and we think that Lipovox does a good job of that.

They do have the too frequently used images of tv shows and magazines that are supposed to add some kind of credibility. Take it for what it’s worth, that does not mean that Lipovox was featured in them.

Lipovox’s Price

At $29.99 per bottle, we think that Lipovox is a great deal. There are many other ‘superfood’ weight loss pills out there that cost quite a bit more than that (and they don’t have the green tea). $29.99 is a good price point.

Lipovox’s Guarantee

They have an unconditional lifetime money back guarantee. You are able to return one open bottle and all other unopened bottles for a full refund. This is as good a guarantee as we’ve seen in this industry.


If you are interested in getting a more natural diet pill and one that uses the 10 superfoods, than Lipovox may be the solution for you. The ingredient profile strong compared to other superfood-based pills. The price is great and you can’t go wrong with their lifetime guarantee. It is one of the best weight loss pills we have reviewed.

If you’d like to learn more about Lipovox, visit its official website and

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