Mega-T Green Tea Review

mega t green tea

An update has been made to this review. Please see the ingredient update below.

Mega-T Green Tea is “a natural, drug-free dietary supplement formulated to help you achieve your weight loss goals.”

In big, bright yellow letters the packaging reads: “LOSE UP TP 20 LBS*.” That little asterisk below says “over a period of time with diet plan.”

Hmm…over a period of time. How long of a time? 10 years? And with a diet plan… ok, I’ll buy that because it’s always good to have a good diet plan when trying to lose weight. But here’s my point: I can lose 20 lbs “over a period of time” of 5 years with a “diet plan” without even using Mega-T Green Tea. Poor advertising in my opinion.

Aside from that, Mega-T Green Tea claims to help curb appetite, help burn calories, and help boost energy, much like our top product Apidextra. How will Mega-T Green Tea stand up to its claims? This review will help answer that question.

Mega-T Green Tea Ingredients

Green Tea – Mega-T Green Tea claims that it “helps curb appetite.” This is entirely false. Green Tea isn’t an appetite suppressant, but it does increase the metabolic rate. Green tea is a very effective diet pill ingredient that has a lot of supporting research.

Chromium – Research is both supportive and unsuportive of chromium’s effectiveness on weight loss. The jury’s still out on this one.

Garcinia Cambogia – This is a quality diet pill ingredient meant to act as an appetite suppressant.

Ingredient Update: The FDA has issued a warning against Hydroxycut-branded products for possibly causing health problems related with the liver. While the FDA has not confirmed it, some believe that the ingredient behind the problems is Hyrdoxycitric Acid, or HCA. HCA is found in Garcinia Cambogia. So until more definitive research is done, we are no longer recommending any products that contain the ingredient Hyrdoxycitric Acid. See the complete FDA report here or the Hydroxycut Review here for more info.

Guarana – Some studies show that it is effective when combined with yerba mate and damiana. You’ll notice that Mega-T Green Tea doesn’t contain these.

Mega-T Green Tea has included a few good ingredients, but not in high enough amounts to be effective.

Mega-T Green Tea’s Marketing

As already mentioned, their marketing seems a bit sloppy (their unclear weight loss promises and the incorrectly stated benefit of green tea). Not that this in and of itself is enough to completely disregard the diet pill, but I think it is somewhat indicative of the company behind the pill. We like that they avoid flashy photos of half dressed people and ridiculous before and after photos.

Mega-T Green Tea’s Price

$6 for 30 capsules which is only a 15 days supply. Thats very cheap, but let me suggest that you’re getting what you pay for. Not much. It’s also apparent that they’ve reduced the prices from around $30. Sales must not be very good.

Mega-T Green Tea’s Guarantee

They have a 6-8 week money back guarantee on all unused bottles of product. Not the best guarantee, but its better than some.


Green tea (the ingredient) is a very effective diet pill ingredient. Mega-T Green Tea, however, isn’t likely to be effective due to the fact that they don’t include very much green tea, nor other ingredients in their formula. (At least they disclosed their formula. Thank you.)

apidextraTheir price is cheap, but for good reason. Their guarantee is decent. Overall conclusion: You can find better diet pills (although with a little higher price tag) that have the right amounts of proven ingredients.

Apidextra, for example, uses the power of green tea to its fullest, giving you the appetite suppressing, fat-burning benefits of green tea for as little as $49.95 a bottle. In addition to green tea, Apidextra also provides African Mango, caffeine anhydrous, and several other clinically proven ingredients to help you lose weight faster than ever before. Read more what Apidextra can do by visiting Apidextra’s official site.

7 Mega-T Green Tea Reviews

  1. Ash's Review

    The info says it claims to curb appetite and give you energy but this pill was a complete waste! It made me so tired and hungrier than beforer. Do not buy it. It is a waste.

  2. Llvoh's Review

    Same here with the hunger. I took it for 3 days and for those 3 days I was RAVENOUS. Eating constantly, I couldn’t turn the hunger off. Won’t buy again, nor any OTHER diet pill. I can control my hunger better on my own.

  3. Africanlegend's Review

    Strange @ash and @Llvoh. The pill gave me increased energy and so I was able to work out more and I definitely had a reduced appetite. I ate only because I knew it was time to eat and I ate less. I paid about 10 bucks for a 45 day supply so really it was worth a try for me. With the amount of stimulants in the pills it’s hard to imagine it would make you more tired unless you were chronically fatigued.

  4. 7vnseal's Review

    I didn’t feel tired, I actually felt a tad more enery kinda like a cup of coffee maybe. not much but a tad, as for my appetite I noticed a curve to it which i didn’t really want to eat and my body was ok. When i did eat i didn’t feel like it wierd! but it helped a bit for me. Ok, so yeah it doesn’t have enough grams per topic so to speak. But it did work! Drink alot of water with it water also will help fill your belly up etc. you will notice the difference as well. so in a nut shell it’s ok for what it is, still worth it for 6$ now for 30$ nope!!!! this pill work ok with my body!!!

  5. Lereece's Review

    How much weight did people lose on this and in what amount of time? I want to lose only six pounds or so.

  6. Gemzrmine's Review

    Ive started taking it and so far I have lots of energy to workout 2x a day for a Hour each… so im just starting , i have real Expectation not the 20lb s but i hope to loose atleast 6-10lbs for a 15 day supply w/ exercising and eating properly

  7. Carrianwilson's Review

    it worked for a few weeks and it curbed my app and jacked me up on energy but as far as amazing results….nope!

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