Metabo Up Review

Metabo Up Review

I hate to seem facetious, but Metabo Up is more Metabo Down these days.  Just try to go to their official website.  It’s under construction.  So we were a bit confused as to how to go about reviewing this product.  The information we’ve managed to gather is from other websites, and has left us more confused than anything.

First of all….what is Metabo Up?  Well, it comes in powder form, in convenient tube-like sachets (think Crystal Light), that you add to 8-10 ounces of water.  This product supposedly increases metabolism (hence the name), and decreases appetite.  If you only need to lose a few pounds, apparently one sachet is enough, but you’ll use two for faster weight loss.  Further information is hard to find.


Metabo Up contains a proprietary blend containing the following four ingredients:

  • Taurine:  Taurine is a sulfur amino acid traditionally used to aid in healthy heart and eye function.  It can also reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, and strengthen the heart; all worthwhile attributes, but questionable as to its usefulness in a weight loss product.  Perhaps it’s Taurine’s ability to lesson lactic acid in the body which causes fatigue, that gives it place in this proprietary blend?
  • Arginine: Yet again, Arginine is used to improve heart health.  Heart health is nice, but Metabo Up is being marketed as a ‘weight loss’ product.  Where’s the good stuff?
  • Ginseng: Can be used to treat stress and improve mental clarity.  It’s also been shown in studies to give relief to patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.  So other than perhaps giving a little more energy to the user (if the dosage is high enough), we can see little evidence this ingredient will be effective in a weight loss product.
  • Theobromine:  Caffeine’s weaker brother, it stimulates the heart (ah…now we’re getting somewhere), is a natural diuretic (makes you pee) and can help lower high blood pressure.  Finally, an ingredient that may raise your heart rate and metabolism…provided there’s enough of it.    Or maybe you’ll just be peeing away water weight?

Metabo Up Marketing

The makers of Metabo Up claim their product will help you “lose 48% more weight than through diet and exercise alone.”  This is quite the claim folks, and about as believable as them saying, “Men, this product will add six inches to your penis.”  There is NO PROOF.  Clinical studies on Metabo Up have not been carried out, and any testimonials on their (closed down) site are likely the product of a writer’s imagination.

Metabo Up Pricing

Another mystery.  The actual site when up, did not list a price.  This product seems to only be available at present as a ‘free gift’ for ordering another product such as Lipozene for $20.  If you find the investigatory work worth it, you may be able to find it on other sites cheaper.  We didn’t (find it worth the effort.)

Metabo Up Guarantee

Apparently the official website offers a 30-day full money-back guarantee.  Unfortunately, the site is down.  So if you manage to find and order this product from another site, you’ll be at the mercy of that company’s policies.  Be prepared to kiss your money goodbye.

Metabo Up  Conclusion

Bottom line: I can’t find one single reason why you’d purchase this product.  Other than making your water a pretty color, the ingredients are pretty much useless.  The website is DOWN (did you pick up on that important point yet?), and is probably so for good reason.  If you honestly can’t think of better ways to spend $20, you can send your money to us.  We’ll put it to good use; like for purchasing toilet paper.  Yes, we’ll flush your money away for you.  We’re nice like that.

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