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 width=Claiming to be “clinically proven weight loss technology,” Nuphedrine supposedly “brings you the two most exciting and effective weight loss ingredients in one non-prescription pill.” Well there’s two ingredients alright, but they’re hardly exciting and definitely not effective. Nuphedrine makes it sound as if its ingredient profile is not only something worthwhile, but something unique to their diet pill. Both of which are false. This review (though unkind as it is) will give a little deaper view of Nuphedrine’s product and their company.

Nuphedrine Ingredients

I’d tell you more if I could find it on their website, but I can’t.

Let’s start with hoodia. If you’ve read many reviews on this website at all, chances are you’ve found one that has included hoodia, along with my extremely poor reviews of it. Hoodia has become extremely popular as of late but the fact still stands that there is absolutely NO supporting research to back up its claims of appetite suppression. Nuphedrine also doesn’t disclose how much of this ingredient they’ve included which is never a good sign (although in reality, it wouldn’t matter anyways since I don’t believe hoodia to be effective).

Advantra-Z – A stimulant that actually has been supported by some researchers. Its active ingredient is synephrine which many see as a replacement for ephedrine. Some warn of adverse side effects.

Nuphedrine’s Marketing

Very typical of diet pill companies, their before and after photos are rather shameful. Some look like completely different people, others are obviously shrugging their shoulders and sticking their gut out in the before photo. One was particularly comical as you could see the strain in the mans face from trying to make his six pack look like a beer belly (it didn’t work). Aside from that, they bank on their two “proven” ingredients, splashing their names and claims all over the site.

Clinical Studies – They cite no clinical studies except for one. And they had this to say about it: “Our organization is the only supplier in America funding its own series of clinical trials to illustrate the effectiveness and safety of our Hoodia products.” Hmm…maybe they’re the only ones because legitimate clinical studies should be done by someone independent of those who are providing the funding for the studies. Does that sound scary to anyone else besides me?

Nuphedrine’s Price

Nuphedrine is $75.00 for one box plus $7.95 standard shipping. The shipping can be waived if you sign up for some weird setup which includes some weight loss advice for a year which costs $4.92 a month (billed annually of course). It sounds like piece of scam to me, but who knows.

Nuphedrine’s Guarantee

They have a 60 day guarantee (from the date you placed your order).


The ingredients don’t work. Nor do we know how much is included. Their marketing is shady and very “hypey.” Unfortunately I can easily see some people taking the bait on this product as the appearance (as in website appearance) seems somewhat quality at first cuff. To all within the sound of my key clicks, I say look elsewhere if you’re looking for a quality product.

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  1. princess's Review

    i tried this product and yes i exercised and eat healthier …… and did not loose a pounddd at all … and all this product did was give me crazy head aches all the time… big waste of money … did not feel jittery although … just headaches and no weight loss

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