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 width=ReduSlim’s official site features ridiculous before & after photos that look seriously photoshopped. Strangely, the one before and after picture that does not look photoshopped, has only a slight difference between the two! The ReduSlim site claims that “it’s believed to be the only total weight-loss formula on the market”. Conveniently, they don’t mention who it is that believes that-presumably the manufacturer. It also implies it burns fat “like a furnace burns fuel” and that it will get rid of “belly fat and love handles”, but as any credible fitness or medical expert will confirm, there is no pill that can magically remove fat only in certain spots. On the positive side, the ReduSlim website does include the amounts of each ingredient and focuses on the effectiveness of each ingredient, which is definitely better than many diet pill sites offer.

ReduSlim Ingredients

  • Green Tea
  • Cissus Quadrangularis
  • Phaseolamin 2250
  • Helianthus Tuberosus
  • Soy Albuma
  • Capsaicin

“Synergistic Nutrient Complex” ( 2400mg in total daily dosage)

Green Tea (480mg) Green tea is a proven weight loss supplement that increases the metabolic rate.

Cissus Quadrangularis (480mg) Preliminary research suggests that this may well turn out to be a decent weight loss promoting ingredient, but more research is needed.

Phaseolamin 2250 (480mg) Some evidence suggests that this ingredient (derived from the white kidney bean) acts as a natural carb blocker.

Helianthus Tuberosus (480mg) Jerusalem Artichoke may help the body keep blood sugar levels stable, which would theoretically help minimize cravings for sweets.

Soy Albuma (400mg) This soy bean extract may help enhance serotonin levels, but there is no research that shows this to be a credible weight loss ingredient on it’s own.

6-Capsaicin (80mg ) This pepper fruit extract is believed to act as a natural appetite suppressant to assist in weight loss maintenance. More research is needed to conclusively say whether this ingredient is effective or not.

ReduSlim Marketing

Aside from the goofy looking before and after pictures and ridiculous claims, Reduslim earns points for focusing on ingredients. While the ingredients don’t seem to be as miraculous as the Reduslim site claims, at least they do a better job of explaining why they’ve included them in their formula than most diet pill sites. We also applaud ReduSlim for including this bit of honesty “We strongly encourage customers NOT to buy products from companies that require autoship programs to try a product. Because they are difficult to cancel and are a major red flag that the company is a scam and selling a bogus product.” That’s refreshingly good advice, and unfortunately good advice is hard to come by in the diet pill industry.

ReduSlim Price

Reduslim is $58.99 for a 30-day supply. That’s fairly expensive, but Reduslim does have larger doses of its ingredients than many diet pills.

ReduSlim Guarantee

According to the official ReduSlim site, they “offer a LIFE TIME guarantee of quality. If you are not satisfied after using ReduSlim, simply return the unused portion in resalable conditions with your proof of purchase and we will issue a refund of your money less S&H fees.” However, be aware that resalable means they can resell it, which likely means it can’t be opened. So if you order two bottles and open one then you can return the unopened one, but you’ll still be stuck paying the full amount for the opened bottle whether it works or not. Most people only order one bottle to first time to see if it works, so while the guarantee sounds impressive, it’s not quite as straightforward as it might sound.

ReduSlim Conclusion

ReduSlim isn’t the best diet pill out there, but it’s certainly not the worst. While most of it’s ingredients need more scientific research to conclude whether or not they are effective, it does contain at least one proven ingredient (Green Tea) in a clinically effective amount. A couple of the other ingredients show promise, although it’s too soon to say whether they’re worth the price or not. All in all, our recommendation on Reduslim is fairly neutral. Try it if you are comfortable with the price, but be aware that there isn’t any guarantee on this product once you actually open the bottle!

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