Skinny Fiber Pills Review

If you are looking for the secret to Hollywood’s famous figures, you can find the “secret” everywhere you look. One minute, we’re told that acai is the answer, and a minute later, there is someone telling us to buy hoodia. Today, makers of Skinny Fiber Pills believe that fiber is the answer. All you need is a healthy fiber supplement, which in this case is made up of 3 natural ingredients, to help you to control obesity.

In addition, Skinny Fiber Pills promise that you can fight health problems such as constipation, hemorrhoids, bloating, and heart disease, but health benefits are more of an afterthought. Our focus is on whether or not Skinny Fiber Pills are actually equipped to help you to lose more wieght.

Do the Fibers in Skinny Fiber Pills Promote Weight Loss?

Only one of the ingredients in Skinny Fiber Pills is actually a fiber! Bet you didn’t see that one coming. To Skinny Fiber Pills’ credit, that one fiber has been clinically proven to promote natural appetite suppressing benefits. However, the whole idea of Skinny Fiber Pills is supposed to be a fiber based health supplement and weight loss pill in one.

The one fiber, glucomannan, has been through multiple clinical studies. These studies show that glucomannan can be used as a powerful appetite suppressant, blowing up in the stomach, leaving less room for food. In addition, Skinny Fiber Pills use an ingredient called caralluma fimbriata. This cactus is not exactly a fiber, but caralluma has been clinically proven to be a powerful appetite suppressant under the right conditions.

The final ingredient on the other hand has never actually been proven to do anything. For all we know, cha de bugre may as well be a placebo. This particular ingredient has become incredibly popular, because we like the idea that there is some kind of Brazilian weight loss miracle, but there is no substance to back up those kinds of claims.

Are Skinny Fiber Pills Powerful Enough to Do the Job?

Skinny Fiber Pills use 2 clinically proven appetite suppressants, which could technically be enough. However, Skinny Fiber Pills couldn’t have picked worse ingredients. These ingredients can be incredibly powerful. The problem is that while ingredients like green tea can burn fat with as little as 400mg, and African mango promotes weight loss with as little as 150mg, both caralluma and glucomannan require at least 1000mg each.

We struggle to find diet pills that use 400mg of green tea. Unless a product tells us on a printed label that “this product uses 1000mg of glucomannan”, we cannot assume that the product in question meets scientific standards. Skinny Fiber Pills do not provide any information on the doses of any of the 3 ingredients, including cha de bugre, which really doesn’t matter anyway.

Skinny Fiber Pills Conclusion

If there’s one thing we can say for Skinny Fiber Pills….wait, we’re really having a hard time coming up with anything. Technically, 2 out of 3 of the ingredients in Skinny Fiber Pills have been clinically proven to suppress appetite, but only in extremely large amounts that Skinny Fiber Pills probably don’t have.

We would like to say that at least Skinny Fiber Pills offer a good price, or maybe a good money back guarantee. However, upon looking at the Skinny Fiber Pills website, we find that makers have let us down once again. Skinny Fiber Pills sells all bottles through a “free trial offer”, which signs you up for a $59.95 per month autoship program.

Skinny Fiber Pills do give you 30 days to make your returns, but we think that we have the right to legitimately question any product that has to trick you with a “free trial offer”.

13 Skinny Fiber Pills Reviews

  1. Tina's Review

    Maybe you should try something before you jump to rash conclusions. I HAVE used this product and have been on it since 11/22. After being at a plateau in my weight loss for too long it pushed me over that hurdle. I had already lost 66 lbs naturally and now since starting skinny fiber I am about to hit the 100 lbs mark. You do have the right to question anything you want with it, but I also feel I have the right to question the validity of any review when the person doing the reviewing has not taken the product.–Tina

  2. Tina's Review

    Oh and there is no free trial offer that signs you up for monthly autoship, you can save 10% by isgning up for autoship but there is no free offer (and I cancelled my autoship immediately but still got the 10%). You have to pay, then if you do not like it you can return. To the right of my screen under top 5 tips for buying a diet pill #2 says “Get a money back guarantee” There ya go. Your own site is promoting that

  3.'s Review

    I love skinny fiber !!!!! I have lost over 70 lbs on it. So dont knock something you have never tried.

  4. Darren's Review

    I have lost 32 pounds in the past 6 weeks on skinny fiber, and over 21 inches off my total body, so your claim is really incorrect..It worked for me, and I Have friends and family that introduced me to it, and it worked for them also….you might just want to take another look into the skinny fiber thing because your review was found lacking!

  5. Ed's Review

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE My Skinny Fiber down 2 pants sizes in just one month’s time. My friend has also lost 10 pounds his first month taking skinny fiber and my son has lost 19lbs in 2 weeks thanks to Skinny Fiber! Seems powerful enough for me and my family & friends so looks like you may want to take it yourself just to see how powerful it really is!

  6. Peggy's Review

    Maybe you SHOULD LISTEN and see people’s PICTURES that are using it!! I have lost 31 lbs since Jan 7 2013 and have been on about EVERY diet in the book !!!! NOTHING has ever worked for me like SKinny Fiber does ! So don’t knock it till you try it !!!! Try it and then tell us the TRUTH !!!!

  7. TeresaKY's Review

    I think before you can provide an honest review on a product you must first try it. I did not see anywhere that anyone tried out Skinny Fiber in this review. Skinny Fiber does not even offer a “Free Trial Offer” only a 30 money back guarantee from the date ordered. When you order from them you also have the option to have it auto shipped, but it is not required to order. You do get a free gift of Ageless if you auto ship. But if you do auto ship you can always go in and cancel it. They send you a password and link to your account to the e-mail you provide.
    As for me I have tried Skinny Fiber as well as my sister and some friends and it does work. Like every healthy lifestyle change it will work different on each person. One may lose the first week while others in two or three weeks. Most important take measurements you would be amazed at the inches you lose. LOVE SKINNY FIBER I have lost over 30 pounds and 32 inches in less than a month.

  8. marlene's Review

    There are no samples with Skinny Fiber since it works in a different way than those diet pills that have stimulants. Samples would not allow you to see the results. SF first starts working on the issues that are slowing the metabolism down, by correcting the body naturally and preparing it for weight loss–that is done by the detox that takes place in the first few days or even weeks. The more off balance the body is, the longer it will take to see weight loss. Have had several that said they began to notice the weight or inch loss at the very end of the first bottle.-that is why we have the 30 day empty bottle guarantee!! you can order here

  9. Heidi watson's Review

    I use skinny fiber and in a matter of two weeks I am seeing inches and weight come off, so it has definitely proved itself to me. I am gad I tried it despite this review. Unless you use a product you cannot write an accurate review of it. Its like write a review. Without seeing the play or movie, just makes no sense.

  10. AB's Review

    I have been using skinny fiber for 29 days and have not lost an ounce. I am trying to utilize the emtpy bottle return policy but there is no information on their website for how to return this product & get your money back. The distributor I purchased thru said she has no idea how to return it since she has not met anyone that it has not worked for. This product & return policy promise turned out to be a joke and I am now out the money.

    • Jena's Review

      She should have given you a receipt like mine did.

  11. Mary's Review

    does anyone take skinny fiber and also tamoxifen?

  12. Jena's Review

    Pills I got on line from my distributor link was darker in color and did not work as good as the ones she sold me. Noticed also that the bottle had a stamp on the bottom and seal was different. Company stated they made a few changes. Anyone know about this?

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