SLIMQUICK Extreme Review

 width=According to their website, “Whether you’re a fitness competitor or you want to challenge yourself with a more hardcore weight-loss program, SLIMQUICK extreme‘s maximum-strength formula is more potent to help reduce body fat and help promote weight loss.”

Marketed as a more “hardcore” diet supplement, SLIMQUICK extreme doesn’t seem to be much different from the other products in SLIMQUICK’s lineup. While our other SLIMQUICK reviews weren’t too favorable, lets take a closer look at what SLIMQUICK extreme offers in terms of weight loss.

SLIMQUICK Extreme Ingredients

SLIMQUICK Extreme has bumped up their proprietary blend from 630 mg (in regular SLIMQUICK) to 832 mg. While we welcome the increased room for ingredients (of course, still in undislcosed amounts) we dont think that the extra 202 mg is enough to make a big difference considering the very large number of ingredients that they are trying to pack in the pill. There simply isn’t enough room for all the ingredients to have the clinically proven amounts.

Green Tea – A proven weight loss supplement, green tea is known to increase energy and fat oxidation. While we are huge fans of green tea (because it is backed by a ton of well documented, legitimate research), SLIMQUICK Extreme doesn’t disclose exactly how much green tea is included in its propreitary blend. With the whole blend being only 832 mg, however, you can bet that it wouldn’t be enough green tea to make a difference (unless it took up almost all of the 832 mg).

Caffeine – Another one of the few ingredients that has been proven to aid in weight loss in many, many studies. Its known to increase energy levels dramitacally, having an large impact during exercise. Again, the small amount of the proprietary blend leads us to believe that there likely isn’t enough caffeine to be effective.

Hoodia Gardonii – Hoodia is claimed to act an an appetite suppressant. Yet despite the insane amount of publicity that it is currently receiving, it has absolutely no documented clinical research backing it up.

Guggelsterones E & Z – Is believed to increase the function of the thyroid gland. Supporters hope that this in turn increases one’s metabolism. The truth is, however, that these claims have not been supported much by clinical studies. Research is still lacking.

Yohimbine – Has been shown in some studies to increase fatty acid mobilization.

Aside from these ingredients, the rest largely still in dispute in regards to their effectiveness in weight loss. No definitive clinical research has been supportive.

SLIMQUICK Extreme’s Marketing

The SLIMQUICK Extreme webpage is part of the broader SLIMQUICK website. Overall it is a professional looking site that is geared towards a female audience. The information provided, however, is quite minimal with respect to the actual products and ingredients included. They do provide some information on their “SLIMQUICK Program” which basically includes taking SLIMQUICK, eating healthy, exercising, and “staying with it.”

SLIMQUICK Extreme’s Price

$59.99 per bottle. You can, however, get one for as low as $37.99 at most online stores.

SLIMQUICK Extreme’s Guarantee

They offer a 45 day money back guarantee on all first time offers. We like to see guarantees overs at least 60 days, so SLIMQUICK’s doesn’t really get us excited. They don’t mention if it is just for unopened bottles or for empty ones. Also, they only honor the return if you bought the product directly from SLIMQUICK LABORATORIES.


This SLIQMUICK Extreme review finds it to be much like it’s sibblings, SLIMQUICK and SLIMQUICK Hoodia. They all contain a myriad of ingredients, only a few of which are actually proven to help with weight loss. They don’t disclose the amounts of the ingredients and the amount of the proprietary blend leaves little room for us to believe that there are high enough amounts to be effective. Their guarantee isn’t the best, which always makes us a little nervous. We suggest you look elsewhere for a diet pill with proven ingredients, at the right amounts, and that is backed by a much better guarantee. Thumbs down for SLIMQUICK Extreme.

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