Suppressor Chewables Review

One of the hardest things about dieting is not being able to eat all those delicious foods.  How can you live without chocolate?! Suppressor Chewables is a diet pill that advertises you can actually eat chocolate. Well, not quite real chocolate but it’s better than nothing, right?

These chewable tablets come in a chocolate fudge brownie flavor.  Depending on who you ask, they might be just enough to satisfy that chocolate craving while helping your diet.

Suppressor Chewables might be an option for more than just those who crave chocolate. If you struggle to swallow big diet pills these could help you to get the benefits of a diet pill in a much easier manner. So what can Suppressor Chewables? Are they worth using?

Suppressor Chewables Ingredients

Prickly pear cactus extract, brassica oleracea (from white and green cabbage), green tea (decaffeinated), baobob

When you are dieting do your cravings seem to be out of control?  Suppressor Chewables is supposed to reduce those cravings which is why it’s not a problem that no stimulants are not used. So what in the formula actually contributes to appetite suppression?

The first two ingredients may provide some appetite suppression but not enough of is included to really make a difference.  And the additional ingredients just provide antioxidants. The antioxidants can improve health and make a difference in that regard but do not contribute to weight loss.

Using a chewable diet pill raises some problems of its own. You get a lot of additional ingredients, preservatives, and flavorings that are not necessary.

Although there are not stimulants in Suppressor Chewables they do warn of several side effects that could be a problem. They also warn against using Suppressor Chewables if you have certain health problems.

Suppressor Chewables Marketing

EST is the company behind Suppressor Chewables. They have several diet pills available and market them through various retailers. Suppressor Chewables retail for $30 but like most diet pills you can find them for significantly less.

Suppressor Chewables Guarantee

From what we have been able to find, EST does not offer an official guarantee on their products. As you might expect, this is a bit of a concern. We generally look for diet pills with a guarantee because it indicates a company is confident in what they have produced. Without a guarantee you stand to risk your money if it does not work. A good diet pill company understands that not every product is going to work for every user so they offer a guarantee in case it is not effective.

Suppressor Chewables Conclusion

Based on the formula Suppressor Chewables are not the ideal diet pills. They may be convenient but the taste is not as appealing as they would have you think.

The ingredients in Suppressor Chewables are not the most powerful ingredients. And the proprietary blend is too small to allow you the proper amounts of each ingredient.  They are caffeine free which might be appealing to some users but is there any point in buying less than stellar chocolate that does nothing more than the best European chocolate? I know what I’m going to be buying!

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