TestoRipped Review

testorippedTestoRipped is not your average diet pill because it doesn’t just burn fat. That’s only one of the things it does.

TestoRipped has ingredients for fat-burning, muscle-building, and testosterone-boosting. It’s marketed towards men who want to lose weight and build muscle. Basically, it would be a great product for a guy who wants to improve his body composition and get in better shape. At least, it would be great, if it is effective.

Let’s see what TestoRipped has to offer and if this diet pill really is worth trying.

The TestoRipped Formula (750 mg)

Beta Alanine is a naturally-derived substance, known for increasing muscle endurance and preventing catabolism. It has been clinically proven and it’s one of the most helpful substances for exercisers.

Caffeine Anhydrous has been proven–in more than a few studies–to increase energy and focus, and stimulate the body to burn fat faster. It should also reduce water retention and suppress appetite.

Tribulus Terrestris is one of the best testosterone boosters. Research shows that it naturally stimulates the body to increase production of testosterone by increasing levels of luteinizing hormones.

Creatine Ethyl Ester is a high-quality, fast-absorbing type of creatine. According to studies, it increases ATP production; giving your muscles more energy, improving growth, and speeding up repair.

Razberi-K has the ability to prevent the body from storing fat. It also breaks down fat cells faster; making it easier for your body to burn fat. This powerful ingredient is the patented form of raspberry ketones.

Horny Goat Weed improves sexual desire and sexual function. It has also been shown to increase nitric oxide levels in the bloodstream, which is another great benefit for exercisers.

Eurycoma Longifolia is an aphrodisiac and a testosterone booster. It helps by making more free testosterone available, and this testosterone has the biggest effect on muscle growth and fat burning.

Thermodiamine (98% Evodiamine) is a thermogenic. It stimulates the body to burn calories faster, which promotes weight loss and increases energy.

Guggul EZ100 is the patented form of guggulsterones. In studies, it was shown to enhance thyroid function and increase fat metabolism.

20-Hydroxyecdysterone improves protein synthesis, which is the process of muscle building.

Does TestoRipped Have a Safe Formula?

The original TestoRipped had yohimbine, which may not be entirely safe — more research is needed. Not only does the new TestoRipped have more clinically proven ingredients, it also doesn’t have any harmful ingredients.

You should know though that TestoRipped is very powerful, and it may not be the right diet pill for everyone. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, you might experience jitteriness, restlessness, headaches, and other caffeine-related side effects while using TestoRipped.

Since TestoRipped has a few thermogenics, you may notice increased sweating and body temperature. These are normal effects of thermogenics.

How to use TestoRipped

TestoRipped is designed to enhance your workouts. It does this by increasing your energy, stimulating muscle growth, and boosting testosterone levels. You can make the most of these effects by working out regularly.

I also recommend eating a healthy diet so your muscles will get the nutrients they need, and so you’ll burn fat faster.

The manufacturer says you can safely take up to 4 capsules a day. However, this will give you up to 3,000 mg of the TestoRipped formula! Since most powerful diet pills only give you half that, I think you can get a strong dose of TestoRipped from 2 capsules a day.

It’s best if you take TestoRipped 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch or a workout because this is when it works the best. I suggest only taking 1 capsule at a time with 16 ounces of water.

I spoke to customer service about cycling TestoRipped. They recommended cycling off for 4 weeks after using the product for 12 consecutive weeks.

Where to Buy TestoRipped

I think the best deal for TestoRipped comes from the official website. They offer one bottle (75 capsules) for the price of $49.99. If you take 2 a day, TestoRipped will last more than a month. The official website also has a 90-day 100% money back guarantee, so you can try the diet pill risk free.

Other good deals for TestoRipped come from DietPill.net ($44.99), which also offers a money back guarantee, and eBay.com ($43). Prices on eBay change regularly.

Is TestoRipped a Top-Notch Diet Pill?

After researching TestoRipped’s formula, I’m really impressed with it. This diet pill has some of the best ingredients for burning fat, building muscle, and boosting testosterone. I also read several reviews written by men who have lost weight and built muscle faster and better by using TestoRipped. It’s safe and powerful.

I highly recommend TestoRipped.

Of course, not everyone who tries it will get results, but I think TestoRipped definitely ranks with the best diet pills. And if you get it with a guarantee, you don’t have to risk anything when you try TestoRipped.

Have you tried TestoRipped? I really want to hear your opinion of it! Feel free to share a comment below

12 TestoRipped Reviews

  1. travis's Review

    Do you have to cycle off of testoripped or can you tke it longer than 4 weeks?

  2. Joe's Review

    Just started taking testo. I will update in a week.

  3. Jay's Review

    I have been taking Testoripped for a month and a half now. I started off at 197 lbs. with %22 body fat. Currently, I am 210 lbs. and down to %15 body fat. I take 3 a day along Kre-Alkalyn before and after a workout. My bench went from 185 to 235 pretty quick. Leg press from 514 to 635. I recommend not taking this pill later in the night since I had some problems sleeping when first taking this. Makes you sweat crazy but is pretty legit. 4 of my friends saw the increase in my figure and have gone ahead and purchased this product recently.

    • B_Ball0219's Review

      I couldn’t sleep when taking it at night. I read the label It contains caffeine

  4. Jonn1382's Review

    it makes me make caca

    • Clark Schurz's Review


  5. Rrisatti49's Review

    Rock…..I have been taking it for 2 months . I am 60 and had to cut and split about 10 cord of wood. This stuff allowed me to work beyond my actual conditioning. Ha trouble sleep
    ing initally(although exhusted)but that seems to have stopped.I have also lost about 20lbs, but I am not sure if it is the pill or just the amount of work I have been doing.

  6. Mark M's Review

    i took testo ripped for a few months. wasnt body building wanted to run take it and loose weight..i started at 265 lbs 19 years old. im now 20 and 195 lbs. testo ripped with a proper routine and diet works wonders. i owe it my life

  7. Remz4lif's Review

    Is there anything that i should take with testoripped?

  8. Debbie's Review

    Is there a diet pill that does not effect the eye?
    I went to the eye dr and he said my glucoma was in the mid 30’s.
    Any suggestions?
    I am 48yrs old and about 20 pounds over weight & would love to be thin again!

  9. WES's Review

    I have used testoripped with great delight. I’ve trimmed down, gotten stronger, and def see gains in mass/strength. I suffered from low testosterone. My levels were below 100 at 38 years old due to battling cancer! So, my doctor put me on testim gel to help boost my levels. That worked, and got me closer to a level of 400. However, that combined with testoripped got me over 900! for whatever that is worth to you… But, I am pleased with it. I think I like it better with the yohimbe… But, I would def still use it without. The only regret, price! I used to buy it for about $23/ bottle! now, not so much… at least I stocked up last year, now however, I need to decide if its worth the 50 a bottle???

  10. wategagnd's Review

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