Thermo-Lean (Pro-Rx) Review

 width=After checking out the Thermo-Lean (Pro-Rx) website, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I mean, compared to the other hyped-up junk diet pills out there, this one doesn’t seem so bad in comparison. The website contains a ton of testimonials from other websites–which, of course, could still be fabricated–but at least there aren’t a bunch of retouched photographs and bogus claims. In fact, the ingredients in Thermo-Lean are actually quite good. Check them out:


Synephrine HCL-Also known as bitter orange, synephrine may affect fat loss.

L-Tyrosine-An amino acid that helps synthesize proteins.

Chromium-May help regulate blood sugar levels.

Guggulsterones-An ingredient claimed to help stimulate your metabolism

Yohimbine HCL-An ingredient most commonly used in veterinary medicine and to treat erectile dysfunction.

Green Tea-A common stimulant known for its fat-burning capabilities.

Caffeine-A stimulant and a diuretic that aids in weight loss.

BioPerine-A patented ingredient that aids in the absorption of nutrients.

To my surprise, there are many ingredients found in Thermo-Lean (Pro-Rx)–such as synephrine HCL, l-tyrosine, green tea, caffeine, and BioPerine–that may actually be beneficial to your body. The only problem is that, while these ingredients won’t hurt your body, it is inconclusive as to whether or not they will help you lose weight. And since the amount of each ingredient isn’t listed on the website, it is hard to tell whether there is enough of each ingredient to help your body lose weight or not.

Thermo-Lean’s (Pro-Rx) Marketing

On the Pro-Rx Laboratories’ website, the marketers do a good job of going through each ingredient and explaining the different benefits. However, the marketers claim that the Thermo-Lean formula combines the most proven fat-burning compounds without any research to back up their claims. The truth is that while many of these compounds have proven beneficial constituents, their beneficial effects may or may not have anything to do with weight loss.

Thermo-Lean (Pro-Rx) Price

On Pro-Rx Laboratories’ website, the price for a bottle of Thermo-Lean is $39.99. This price is quite reasonable, especially because of this diet pill’s seemingly beneficial ingredients.

Thermo-Lean (Pro-Rx) Guarantee

Pro-Rx Laboratories doesn’t offer a guarantee on their website, but there are many independent retailers who sell Thermo-Lean, so it’s possible that they offer their own guarantee. However, we prefer at least a 60-day guarantee.


Compared to some of the other diet pills available on the market, Thermo-Lean appears to be one of the better ones. Most of the ingredients are beneficial, but without a money-back guarantee it is hard to suggest that anyone go out and spend their hard-earned money on this product. So buy Thermo-Lean at your own risk!

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