truDERMA Mangodrin SF Review

I just read an article concerning weight loss today and it declared the real reason we don’t lose weight. Their conclusion to losing weight is calorie counting. Haven’t we heard that a million times before? The less calories you consume the more weight you will lose. It is a balancing act. It is all about calories in and calories out.

Mangosrin SF is one of those diet pills that say will prevent you from bingeing and emotional/stress eating. Many of us have this problem and it would be nice to get that under control. Less calories in would make a difference in helping lose weight. Time to see if it really can do the job.

Mangodrin SF Ingredients

Mangodrin SF is a proprietary blend of ingredients. They include these key ingredients:

• African Mango has an ingredient in the seed known as Irvingia Gabonensis. This is an ingredient that has been proven to boost metabolism and suppress your appetite.
• Cissus Quadrangularis—is clinically proven to aid in weight loss, decrease cholesterol levels and has healing benefits
• Green Tea (decaffeinated)—boost fat burning and energy levels and is an antioxidant
• Resveratrol—reduces blood sugar and is an antioxidant
• Apple Cider Vinegar—shown to lower glucose levels and help with appetite control
• Folic Acid—it is needed in the breakdown of fats

Mangodrin SF Marketing

Mangodrin SF is a diet pill that is a reformulated version of Mangodrin. The makers of Mangodrin, truDerma, took out the stimulants in it and came up with Mangodrin SF (meaning stimulant free). The green tea became decaffeinated and they added a few new ingredients to the formula. truDerma claims they have 6 US patented ingredients in this diet pill.

Mangodrin SF Price

The price of Mangodrin SF varies, depending who you buy it from. The retail value is $49.99 but you can get it for a lower price at many stores and websites. The best thing to do is shop around.

Mangodrin SF Guarantee

With any product, it is always smart to check out the money back guarantee in case you are unhappy with the supplement. Mangodrin SF does say it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee without any questions asked. Does that mean the makers will give you your money back even if you open the bottle? truDerma does not mention their exact money back guarantee policy and leaves it very open ended.

Mangodrin SF Conclusion

Mangodrin SF does have some clinically proven ingredients in their formula. The problem with this diet pill, as with most diet supplements on the market, is the formula is a proprietary blend. What exactly is a proprietary blend? Basically, you can throw a bunch of ingredients together and call it good. The amounts are unknown. The ingredients may be some great clinically proven ingredients but if they are not at the correct strength they are useless in this formula.

Mangodrin SF does not contain stimulants and truDerma claims they replaced the stimulants with added ingredients to make up for those stimulants. Once again, they added a clinically proven ingredient but we don’t know if it is at the proven strength.

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