Caffeine Anhydrous

 width=We see diet pill companies including caffeine anhydrous in their pills more and more these days. But how does caffeine anhydrous differ from the common caffeine that also frequents the diet pill labels? Answer: it doesn’t differ much at all.

The “anhydrous” in the name simply means dry or free of water. So essentially the only difference is that this caffeine is in a dehydrated form. Does this somehow make it a better form of caffeine for diet pills? No.

Caffeine is a proven diet pill ingredient that has been shown in clinical studies many times over that it is effective in weight loss. It has been shown to increase your metabolic rate and your energy levels. See our full caffeine review for some studies and more information on the ingredient.


The bottom line is that caffeine is an effective diet pill ingredient. Hence, caffeine anhydrous is also an effective ingredient as it is basically the same thing. If companies start touting their caffeine anhydrous as a better or more effective than regular caffeine, don’t fall for it. It’s good, but not better. As with any form of caffeine, caution should be taken as it is a powerful stimulant that may have side effects for some. Thumbs up for caffeine anhydrous.

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