width=Guggulsterones come from the Commiphora Mukul plant, commonly known as the guggul plant. Diet pill companies will often list guggulsterones as Guggulsterones E & Z or something similar. Don’t be tricked into thinking that the E and Z are two totally different things. Almost any diet pill that contains guggulsterones is likely using this same E and Z formulation.


Some claim that guggulsterones help to lower cholesterol, but research shows that this claim is simply not true. ((Guggulipid Ineffective for Lowering Cholesterol. JAMA.2003;290:765-772))

There are two forms of guggulsterones, one being more potent than the other. While I’ve never personally done it, it is said that if you open up a capsule of the diet pill, the color inside will indicate if it is the more or less potent form. A brown color equals more potency, a yellow color equals a lower one. Obviously this poses a challenge and no one can verify its potency without first purchasing the product.


Most diet pill companies include guggulsterones while touting its claimed fat buring capabilities. The claim is that the guggelsterones help in thyroid stimulation, hence helping your metabolism. A higher metabolism translates into more burned fat. Unfortunately, research is somewhat lacking regarding these claims. Some studies seem supportive, while others question it. Bottom line: more research is needed to be difinitive.

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